7 Reasons You Should Be More Considerate of Others ...


7 Reasons You Should Be More Considerate of Others ...
7 Reasons You Should Be More Considerate of Others ...

Ok, I know a post on reasons you should be more considerate of others sounds horribly sanctimonious and, in all honesty, quite boring. In fact, I’m lucky you’ve even got this far; but don’t give up on me yet! The reason I wanted to write this now is because it’s Christmas, a time of year where we’re meant to be generous, charitable and hopeful. Of course, most of us aren’t – we get caught up in family dramas, festive outings and wanting, wanting, wanting. I think we shove other people out of the way to get at what we want even more than usual; the best Christmas lights, the last discounted ham and the coat that you absolutely must have and there’s only one left in your size so everyone else needs to MOVE. If you aren’t like this, then I admire you – but I think most of us are, whether we want to admit it or not. So, because it’s Christmas, here are the reasons you should be more considerate of others (and I’ll try and spare you the sanctimony).

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‘Those Less Fortunate’

In a post filled with reasons you should be more considerate of others, I wanted to include this as my first point because, since living in London, I notice ‘those less fortunate’ every day. At school, I was told to think of those ‘less fortunate than myself’ every Christmas. I didn’t understand what that meant – not really. I don’t know what it’s like to spend Christmas night outside, with nowhere to go and a New Year’s Eve with no hope for what’s ahead. I walk past an elderly homeless man every day and I hate it but I don’t know how I can do anything about it. I think the first step would be ALL of us acknowledging the problem; I watch people like me, people with jobs and Christmas presents and warm homes, walk past him without even seeing him. Their eyes slide over him like they would a boarded-up doorway in a row full of open shops. Few people feel powerful enough to do something about it on their own, so we pretend it isn’t happening. They stop existing to us, at least in any form we can relate to.


This post touches on the issue of homelessness and how it can often be overlooked by those who are more fortunate. It is estimated that in the UK alone, there are over 4,000 people sleeping on the streets each night. This number is even higher in London, where the author lives. Homelessness is a complex issue with many causes, including poverty, unemployment, and lack of affordable housing. It is also linked to mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence. It is important to acknowledge the problem and to work together to find solutions. Charities, volunteers, and local governments can all make a difference by providing services such as food, shelter, and medical care to those in need.


Bad Days

When someone is rude to me in a shop, or when someone shoves their way past me on the tube, my instant reaction is anger. Recently, however, I’ve been feeling a bit guilty for reacting like that. Sure, some of those people may just be arseholes – but I think most of them were just having a bad day. I know I’ve been rude to other people when I’ve been in a bad mood. My resolution this year is to try and let things like that wash over me. If a stranger has been rude to you in some way, give them the benefit of the doubt – we all have those moments.


Walking in Someone else's Shoes

Using all the clichés today, aren't I?! Well, similarly to what I said above, you can never really know what's going on inside someone else's mind - what they thinking, who they're missing, what they're worrying about. Maybe they really need someone to give them a break today. Sometime either carelessness or kindness from a stranger can completely change the the light of your day, so think about that when you're dealing with other people.


We All like Considerate People

Everyone likes to be liked. If we were honest with ourselves, most of us spend a considerable amount of time trying to get other people to like us and worrying when they don't. Think about the people YOU like - the ones you talk to about your problems, the ones you can rely on. They're considerate people - and all of your relationships will benefit if you are, too.


Little Things

Being more considerate of others won't involve a big change of your part - it's the little things that can make a huge difference. We can each make someone else's day better by being polite to them in a queue, or smiling when you catch their eye on the tube.


Positive Attitudes

I can't open a magazine now without seeing something on the power of positive thinking, etc, etc. But I think, rather than thinking positively about ourselves, we'd benefit a lot more from always trying to think positively of other people. If we stopped worrying about everyone else, - especially thinking that other people are out to get us - we'd have more time to concentrate on ourselves.


It's All about You

Being nice to someone else can make you feel happier, too! If you're feeling rubbish, stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about someone else. It'll take your mind off it and I guarantee that it will make you happier, even if it's only for a short while.

I'm not normally one for sugary sweet posts, but I'm sick of barging past each other without ever really seeing what's around us and - of course - it's Christmas, so it's the perfect time to asses the way we treat other people. Do you think, generally, we need to be more considerate to others?

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What a lovely article, every needs a gentle reminder now and then, congrats xx

i always think about all the bad days I've had, and how much I've wished people had been considerate to me on those days, and how I'd wished that people had helped me. Thinking of that, I believe, has made me more mindful of what I can do to support people

Something to think about.....


Thanks for this we all need to be reminded of the things and behaviour you mention in this article

#1 I think it's great that you recognize homelessness as a problem. I want to encourage you to consider taking it to the next step; you might like to consider volunteering some of your time at a soup kitchen or another charity that provides material assistance to homeless people, or donating money to a charity that provides material assistance to homeless people. Forgive me if I'm being sanctimonious!

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