9 Reasons to Keep on Living ...

There are plenty of serious articles about reasons to keep on living. This isn’t one of them. That’s not to say this is totally frivolous with no redeeming value. Instead, this is just a collection of moments and events that keep ME sane and imbued with life. Maybe some of these points will resonate with you and suggest reasons to keep on living.

1. Great Food

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Well, you can easily see what motivates me, and is at the top of my reasons to keep on living! Good food makes me deliciously happy. Amazingly, the other morning I ate breakfast at a little deli that’s been in business for years, that I never knew existed. I feasted on scrambled eggs, bacon, real New York style home fries, a toasted bagel and coffee! It brought back hometown memories and made me realize there are places all around you that you still have to discover.

2. The Rhythm of the Rain

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For a minute there, I thought it was raining, but then I realized it was just the dishwasher going through a cycle. Ha! I’m not used to the sounds a dishwasher makes, because I always do the dishes by hand, but I broke my pinkie and manual labor is off the table! So anyway, what’s better than sleeping in on a rainy day with or without a fellow cuddler?

3. Time Enough at Last

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So the sub-heading is just a nod to a classic Hitchcock episode of a man not having time enough to read. I’m currently reading four books, two more than usual, but a couple of them are library books with fast approaching due dates. When you read something by a great author, you just lose all perception of time (which is why I’m writing this shortly before deadline!). Lose yourself in a book or four, and escape everything but the printed words in front of you.

4. This is for the Birds

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My cat makes a chirping noise when he sees a bird from the window that he can’t get at. I joined him one day just in time to see what I believe was a Mourning Dove awaiting the arrival of two others. When they all came together, it was a joyous celebration. They got into a tight circle and I swear they were in a group hug! It was an incredibly moving moment, and I feel privileged to have witnessed it. You never know what wonders you might witness tomorrow.

5. Speaking of Cats

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I rescued my cat Dusty about 10 years ago, and for the first year of our co-habitation, he would pass within an inch of my leg and never brush up against me. In bed, he would sleep next to me but just far enough down that I couldn’t reach him with my fingers. One night, he suddenly moved up the bed towards my face and I stayed perfectly still. He deliberately kissed me directly on the mouth once, twice, three times, and then turned around and went back to just beyond my fingertips. Rescue an animal and enjoy small miracles.

6. Daybreak

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Some people love sunsets, some love a sunny day, but my favorite time of the day is dawn. Unfortunately, I’m usually sleeping at this hour, so I don’t get to experience it too much. I think this makes it even better for the rare times I am awake and outside. I love walking around while the rest of the neighborhood is still asleep. The occasional rumble of a truck; the passing of some cars, and a few pedestrians, all seem to share a secret with me that dawn is quite simply glorious.

7. One Piece at a Time

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For a short time in the late 90s, when the stock market was exploding, I dabbled in day trading. The platform I needed to use to conduct my transactions looked like a video game with incredibly fast moving objects. Making sense of it by breaking it down into separate elements to master was much less daunting than seeing it as a whole. When things are too overwhelming, break it down into bite-sized chunks.

8. Playing Dress up

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I’m a girl and I love fashion, accessories, nail polish, makeup, and so on. It’s awfully hard to be depressed when you’re engaged in these female pursuits. I love to read nail polish blogs with my morning coffee. It’s fun to read the comments and be a part of a community of people as obsessed with something as you are. Read a blog or two and create a hobby! I now own hundreds of bottles of polish. They’re fun to swap and share. Get involved in something that’s fun, frivolous and fantastic!

9. In Search of

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I love finding the perfect used bookstore, amazing pizza in a town not known for it, and nail polish that’s been discontinued. I love the hunt as well as the victory celebration in my head. My latest search: pistachio soft serve ice cream without nuts! Carvel is non-existent here, so gelato is my only hope. When you lose yourself in the search and immerse yourself in the victory, there’s much less time for sadness.

What is your depression buster? What’s your favorite time of day? Do you ever search for things that aren’t readily available for the challenge as well as the sweet victory?

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