7 Reasons to Be Optimistic about Life ...


There are so many reasons to be optimistic about life. We all go through times when we feel that our life isn't going too well, and we feel downhearted. Sometimes it helps to change the way we view things. Here are just some of the reasons to be optimistic about life …

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So Much to Enjoy

One of the reasons to be optimistic about life is that it offers so much for us to enjoy; even if you're not that well off financially. Some of the simplest pleasures can be the most plentiful, such as a sunny afternoon or a hug from a child. Look for things to enjoy, and you will realise how much we have in our lives.


Room for Improvement

When you're going through one of those stages where things just aren't going your way, you can feel really glum and think that your life is never going to pick up. Think - your situation can and will get better. It may involve some effort on your part but remember that when you're down, the only way is up! You can see that being optimistic will pay off.


Make Your Own Luck

One reason to feel optimistic is that you can make your own luck. Being passive and waiting for good things to come to you may well give you reason to feel pessimistic when it doesn't bring results. Think positive thoughts and take positive steps to achieve your goals, and you can get there.


Positive Aspects in Your Life

Look at your life, and you will see just how much you have to feel good about. It could be anything - your friends, family, good health, rewarding job, beautiful views from your house, fun hobbies. There are very few people who have nothing positive in their life, and even the people who have to deal with serious problems can still have a positive outlook.


Helps You Cope

Taking an optimistic view can help you cope when you're going through difficult times. An optimist knows that the bad times won't last and that life can't be great all the time. They also know that they need to be patient and that things will improve. Difficulties and problems will sooner or later be behind you, so look forward to more positive times ahead.


Positive Thinking Works

You may not be able to use positive thinking to magic up riches or a new car, but many people do believe that it helps them focus on what they want and help achieve their goals. Try it for yourself, and start to believe that you can get what you want in life. At the very least, it's much more pleasant being an optimist!


Live Longer

Studies suggest that optimists have a longer life expectancy and better health than pessimists. Constantly worrying causes stress on both your body and your mind, so being positive about life has double the benefits. Not only will you live longer, but because you are an optimist, your longer life will be one of quality.

Being an optimist doesn't require relentless cheerfulness - nobody can be happy all the time! But being a 'glass half full' person is likely to achieve a lot more than always looking on the dark side. How have you coped with setbacks - do you always try to be positive?

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