9 Reasons to Keep on Living ...


There are plenty of serious articles about reasons to keep on living. This isnโ€™t one of them. Thatโ€™s not to say this is totally frivolous with no redeeming value. Instead, this is just a collection of moments and events that keep ME sane and imbued with life. Maybe some of these points will resonate with you and suggest reasons to keep on living.

1. Great Food

Well, you can easily see what motivates me, and is at the top of my reasons to keep on living! Good food makes me deliciously happy. Amazingly, the other morning I ate breakfast at a little deli thatโ€™s been in business for years, that I never knew existed. I feasted on scrambled eggs, bacon, real New York style home fries, a toasted bagel and coffee! It brought back hometown memories and made me realize there are places all around you that you still have to discover.

The Rhythm of the Rain
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