7 Reasons to Ignore People's Negative Criticism ...


Quite often, people love to give their opinions about your life, work and what you do, but there are reasons to ignore people's negative criticism that will benefit you tremendously! It's also important to recognize the difference between constructive criticism and rude and negative comments that have no basis whatsoever! Constructive critiques are valuable in how we learn and grow, but hurtful words and criticism are only mean and negative. Don't let those mean words affect you! Here are some great reasons to ignore people's negative criticism- keep reading!

1. Be Your Own Critic

Most of the time we are our worst critic. How you appear to others, what you wear, how talented you are, how great a friend you are, etc, are all judged most harshly by you! When someone slams you with a negative comment or critique, it can be easy to take offense. Part of you fears that it may be true based on your own harsh perception of yourself, and thus your fears are being validated in a way. Don't think this way! Instead, recognize that one of the reasons to ignore people's negative criticism is that the real power is held in how you view yourself, not how others view you.

Only Your Loved Ones' Affirmations Matter
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