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Should You Ever Ditch a Friend for Good ...

By Alicia

Friends are very important but there are some reasons to ditch a friend. If someone isn’t treating you very well, they aren’t a true friend after all. You're better off without them and you can find new friends. These are some good reasons to ditch a friend.

1 You Are Their Last Resort Choice

If you are the last resort choice for your friend, that’s not a good thing. This is one of the reasons to ditch a friend. Who wants to be someone’s last choice? You're better than that and you deserve a friend who thinks of you as their first choice. If you find yourself always coming in last in their line of people to hang out with, it’s time to cut ties.

2 They Make Fun of You

Someone who makes fun of you is unkind and not a true friend. Of course, it is okay to tease and kid around. But if it isn’t for the point of fun and you don’t see the humor behind it, it isn’t nice. If you know it is mean spirited, that isn’t a quality of a true friend. This is even more true if they seem to do it when they are around others, as if they are ganging up on you.

3 They Use You

Is your friend only a fair weather friend? Do they only stick around when times are good and there is something in it for them? Maybe they only want to hang out with you when they know they can get a ride to the mall. They might want to come over to scope out how you handled a tough history assignment. If those sorts of things are what is happening between you, then you are being used and it’s time to ditch them.

4 They Don’t Keep Your Secrets

A friend is someone that you are supposed to be able to confide in and go to when you have something to talk about that is a private matter. You should be able to trust them. If they don’t keep your secrets, they aren’t a true friend. You deserve someone who will value your trust in them. Find someone you can count on to keep your secrets hush-hush.

5 They Flirt with Your Guy

This one is an out and out slap in the face. If your so called friend is flirting with your guy, it’s time to ditch her. They should respect your relationship enough to not act that way. While it is okay that they are friendly, you know over the line behavior when you see it. Flirting with your guy should get her on the ditch list.

6 They Are Jealous of You

Instead of being happy for you, your friend is always jealous of you. They aren’t happy when good things happen for you. Instead they may be unkind and even not talk to you for a few days when things go your way. This isn’t a true friend. A true friend is happy when things are going great for you.

7 They Aren’t There when You Need Them

Is there a greater disappointment than when your friend isn’t there when you need her? Sometimes things happen and a friend can’t be there. But if your boyfriend cheated on you and your friend would rather catch a nap than come over and eat ice cream and cry with you, they are not being a good friend to you. It’s about making the choice to cheer each other up when you are feeling down. If you can’t count on your friend to do this for you, it’s time to say goodbye.

It’s hard to accept but sometimes there are good reasons to ditch a friend. Is it time to say goodbye in one of your friendships? You are welcome to leave your comments on your situation.

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