7 Reasons to Dance like No One's Watching ...


7 Reasons to Dance like No One's Watching ...
7 Reasons to Dance like No One's Watching ...

There are many reasons to dance like no one's watching and whilst we all might be afraid of what others think of us, there are so many reasons not to care. Dancing is not just the domain of the professionals and need not be confined to dark dance floors after one too many cocktails on a Friday night. "But I can't dance unless I've had a few drinks!" and "I've got two left feet!" I hear you cry. Well, there are no rules when it comes to dancing like no one's watching and here are my reasons to feel that beat in your feet.

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You'll Feel Great

One of the first reasons to dance like no one's watching, even if they are, is because it will make you feel great. Ok, initially you might feel like a fool but think how great life would be if we danced rather than stumbled through it? Dancing will make you smile when you get over the self consciousness and you will feel amazing.


You'll Let Go

Dancing will enable you to forget about your troubles and let go. We all need to let go of the baggage we carry around with us and who will be able to dance whilst carrying all the baggage?! But the bags down and just let go the past. What has happened has happened and no amount of agonizing or analysing is going to change that. You will feel so liberated once you put the metaphorical bags of the past down.


Who Cares?

We are so conditioned to care what people think about us. What will they think if I say this or what will they think if I do this? This is your life and your dance so dance your dance without worrying about any one else.


Life is Too Short

We're only here once and this isn't a dress rehearsal. Sound familiar? Well, it's true. Death is part of life and no one knows what happens when you do go. Do we come back? Do we go to another realm? Is this it? Whatever your belief system it's fair to say that whilst we're here, we should make the most of it.



Now to the more practical reasons to boogie on down. It's great exercise. Put on your favourite music and dance. Dance like your life depended on it. You'll burn calories and release those endorphins (or dolphins as I used to call them) and you'll feel fabulous in the process.


It's Infectious

Dancing is infectious. At least, when I hear a beat, I can't help but move my feet! Feel the music and other people will soon follow suit. When you see other people dancing don't you just want to join in? The reason you don't is because you're afraid to look silly. What if no body cared what anyone else though? What if we all adopted that child-like mentality where we spoke the truth and just danced because we liked the tune? I know, anarchy would probably ensue but it would surely make the world a sunnier place!


People Will Smile

If you're happy, other people are going to feel your positivity. I remember going to a Christmas party and watching someone dance. He hadn't had a drop of alcohol and he was no Fred Astair but he was immersed in the music and was dancing to his own beat. It was endearing, inspiring and hilarious. I will never forget the way he danced and the way he made me smile.

These are some of my reasons for dancing like no one's watching. Can you think of any more?

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Dancing makes you feel happy and help forget your problems if there are any.

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