7 Reasons to Be True to Your Feelings Instead of Denying Them ...


There are some very valid reasons to be true to your feelings. Many times we deny our feelings or shove them aside. This is not a good response and can actually be harmful to us. These are some very good reasons to be true to your feelings.

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Realize You do Care

Many times our reaction to a hurtful situation is to say that we don’t care. But the truth is that we do care. Saying that we don’t care is a cover up. It doesn’t make you feel any better to say that and can in fact make you feel worse. This is one of the reasons to be true to your feelings, because you do care and you shouldn't deny that.


It is Being Honest with Yourself

Another reason to be true to your feelings is that it is honest. You are being honest with yourself. Rather than denying your feelings or stuffing them deep inside where they will harm you, choose to be honest about how you feel. It will feel better and much more freeing. You will learn to enjoy this newly found honesty.


You Will Find a New Level of Contentment

There is a contentment in being true to your feelings. You feel better about yourself. It is actually good to name what you are feeling to yourself. Think about how you are feeling and name that emotion to yourself. It feels good to be so in touch with yourself and your feelings.


You Will Be Happier

You will be so much happier when you are true to your feelings. You aren’t constantly covering them up, which does not feel good to do. To help yourself get started on being truer to your feelings, start saying how you feel. It is good to name all of your feelings. Everyone has a whole range of emotions so why deny them?


Being authentic with your emotions leads to a deeper sense of fulfillment and contentment in life. When you acknowledge and express your true feelings, you cultivate an environment of honesty and trust, both within yourself and in your relationships. This honesty can foster a healthy sense of self and improve your interactions with others, leading to rich and meaningful connections. Remember, embracing your emotions is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of strength and self-awareness that can dramatically enhance your overall well-being.


Your Life Will Be More Peaceful

Your life will be much more peaceful without dealing with repressed feelings. Repressed feelings have a way of coming back and biting us. They can show up as resentment, bitterness, anger or even depression. They cause a lot of problems for us. It is better to just be true to them and save yourself all of this trouble.


It Will Draw People to You

There is something about a genuine person that draws people to them. When you are real with your feelings and true to them, people will love that about you. It will be something you receive compliments on. It draws people to you and makes them want to spend time in your presence. We all know someone in our lives and can see that this is true.


You Will Be Very in Touch with Yourself

When you begin to be true to your feelings, you will begin to learn more about yourself. You can make some honest observations about yourself. You will discover what really annoys you and what makes you happy. You learn to be very in touch with yourself. This only happens when you begin to be true to what you are feeling.

Learning to be true to your feelings is something that takes time but is well worth it. Have you discovered this in your own life? Tell me about some of your experiences on this subject.

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Does that includes telling telling the person you hate them you feel this way or your partner you are not in love with them if you feel so?


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