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7 Reasons Why Lying is Bad for Your Self-Esteem ...

By Corina

There are a lot of reasons why lying is bad for your self-esteem. Lying is never a good decision; it can cost you money, friends and in the long term, it can seriously affect your well-being. Sadly, lying is a common behavior problem for people nowadays, and even though a lot of people agree that lying is bad, they just can’t stop. This behavior actually affects their choices, impacts their happiness and damages their self-esteem. Here are a few very obvious reasons why lying is bad for your self-esteem that you should consider, especially if your goal is to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life:

1 Lying Breaks down Trust

One of the most common reasons why lying is bad is precisely the fact that it breaks down trust. Because of this, conflict may arise between people. Being trustworthy is an important character trait, both for you and for the people around you. They will appreciate you more and they will value your opinion. Also, you will feel better about yourself and this will even increase your self-confidence and enhance your self-esteem.

2 Telling the Truth Makes You Appear Brave

Even though you may think otherwise, telling the truth will make you appear brave. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to be honest, especially when, by doing so, you will actually hurt someone else’s feelings. That’s why it takes guts to tell the truth, but the other person will surely appreciate you for this.

3 Telling the Truth Reduces Stress

By being honest and telling the truth, no matter how hard it will be for you to do it, you will decrease your stress levels, and thus you will feel calmer and more relaxed. When you’re stress-free, your body produces endorphins - the "happy hormones” or “feel-good hormones” - and they will actually enhance your good mood, making you feel more energized and satisfied with life in general.

4 Lying is a Symptom of a Bigger Problem

Usually, lying is a symptom of a bigger problem. If you notice that lately, you feel the urge to lie all the time, even about little things that are not so important, you should try to figure out what’s going on with you. You may even want to ask for professional help if you think that you can’t handle your problems by yourself.

5 Lying Creates Inner Conflict

Lying creates inner conflict, it makes you second guess yourself and it can even make you doubt your abilities. If you choose to lie, you will feel stressed, even angry. In time, this conflicting mood can really affect your well-being, causing you more problems. Just tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions! You will feel liberated and even more courageous.

6 Lying Will Not Make Your Problems Go Away

Indeed, lying will not make your problems go away, it will only make them worse. Even though you may at first think that you will get rid of some of your problems by lying, you might end up in more trouble than you would have been if you had told the truth in the first place. Honesty is always the best solution to all your problems, so choose wisely!

7 You Are Deprived of Feelings of Accomplishment

If you lie and you are successful, you are simply depriving yourself of feelings of accomplishment. You will not be able to enjoy your success since you haven’t earned it the right way. You can best describe this kind of victory as a hollow victory, since it won’t give any pleasure and you will not feel very happy celebrating it.

Lying can seriously affect your self-esteem and cause you a lot of harm in the long term. Do you usually lie? If your answer is yes, why do you do it? Do you think that this bad habit affects you in any way? Do you know any other reasons why lying is bad for your self-esteem? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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