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I spent hours recently going through all the reasons to avoid trying to be someone else. My friend kept comparing herself to those she idolized. Of course, she always felt like she was coming up short. The truth is, you'll never be exactly like those you admire. Before you spend years trying, take a look at just a few of the reasons to avoid trying to be someone else. You might just find you're even more amazing than your idols.

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It's Not Physically Possible

Whether you want to look or act like someone else, there will always be something about you that's different. It's one of the most obvious reasons to avoid trying to be someone else. You are destined to fail no matter how hard you try. You can be similar to someone, but in the end, you'll always have noticeable traits that make you different. Why set yourself up for failure when you don't have to?


You'll Never Be Happy

You were born to be you and no one else. When you try to force yourself to transform into another person, you'll always feel out of place and uncomfortable. You might look happy on the outside, but you'll always feel less than happy. It may seem fun for a little while to be someone else, but the glamor fades quickly and you're left wondering who you really are. You deserve to be happy and you'll only be happy as yourself.


It Causes Long Term Emotional Problems

What happens if you constantly fail at something? Odds are, you start to sink into a depression. Many people who spend their lives focused on becoming just like another person end up with long term emotional stress. They have depression, anxiety issues and even anti-social tendencies. All this creates for you is a miserable life. You have a wonderful life ahead. Live it instead of someone else's.


You Push People Away

When you're so focused on being someone else, you push away the people who care about you. They love you for you. The more you force these changes on yourself, the more you shut those people out. You try to befriend people who you think will help you change. In the end, all you're doing is losing the people who will help you be you. Don't push the most important people in your life away for a dream that'll never come true.


You'll Become Lost

At some point, you finally realize you can't be someone else. The longer you try, the harder it is to go back to who you were. People who become obsessed with becoming another person often end up feeling lost. They have no idea of what they truly want or who they want to be. Some never find their way again. You have your own path. Follow it and you'll find happiness.


You Don't Know the Other Person

It doesn't matter who the person you idolize is. The truth is, you don't really know them. You don't know about all their struggles, dreams, failures and successes. The person may seem like they have the perfect life, but they don't. They have problems just like everyone else. They became who they are through their own unique experiences. You've had different experiences, making you a different person.


You're Made to Make a Difference

I fully believe every single person has a purpose. It doesn't matter if it's being someone's best friend or starting a major corporation. Your unique traits are destined for something. If you try to be someone else, you'll never make the difference you were meant for. The world needs you to be you. You can make a difference, but only if you try to be you.

It's fine to want to be more like someone else, but it's not healthy to always want to be someone else. You're an individual, not a carbon copy. Focus on being the best version of you and you'll discover you're much happier. Have you ever tried to be someone else?

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I really relate to this because I was once that girl

I get this. it's a really difficult situation because once you start it's so difficult to stop

I'm happy being me even with my flaws because that's what makes me special & unique. Why would anyone want to be someone else but themselves

I'm so happy

I would go broke trying to be someone else like a celebrity or whoever. I much rather be myself simply beautiful within and out😌

Tell this to an actor, haha :)

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