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It's Always Better to Assume the Best of Others ...

By Alicia

There are many good reasons to assume the best of others. It can be tempting not to. It’s easy to get a lot of negativity going toward others but giving others the benefit of the doubt really is the best way to go. These are some specific reasons to assume the best of others.

1 Most Times People Have Good Intentions

One of the reasons to assume the best of others is that most people truly are well-intended. This isn’t true of everyone but the people that really wish to hurt you or make problems for you are generally minimal. If a person is trying to cause trouble for you, you usually know that for certain. If you aren’t positive this is true, give them the benefit of the doubt. People tend to live up to your expectations.

2 You Feel Better

You feel a lot better within yourself when you assume the best of others. You can really make yourself very unhappy by thinking about the negative traits of others and how they might be directed at you. When those thoughts come to mind, acknowledge they’re possible but it’s also possible you’re misreading the person. Not letting yourself dwell on the negative intentions of others will help you feel much better. This is a good motivator in and of itself.


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3 Relationships Don’t Take a Hit

When you assume the worst of others, it’s going to be felt in your relationships. This is true even if you never say anything to the person. It just puts vibes out there that can be felt in the relationship. It could cause a friendship to go sour or other relationships to lose their good vibes. Give others the benefit of the doubt and protect your relationships.

4 Less Drama

When you start to assume the worst of others, your actions may soon reflect that. It’s a natural process for your actions to follow your thoughts. That can lead to drama, which no one wants. Drama will only worsen the situation. Do your best to assume the best of others or at least assume that you don’t really know their intentions or the motives behind their actions.

5 It’s More Peaceful

It’s so much more peaceful to assume the best of others. You save yourself a lot of worry and stress. It may be helpful to not think about another person’s intentions or actions much either way. Just don’t go there. If you don’t spend your time thinking how they may have meant something they said or did, you’ll have more peace.

6 Less Negative Energy for You

Assuming the worst of others will create a lot of negative energy for you. No one wants that. If you believe someone truly isn’t well-intentioned toward you, put some space there. No need thinking on it or letting it be a part of your life. Keep your life open to positive energy.

7 You Can Trust Karma

There’s an element of karma to consider here. If someone is truly trying to make problems for you, trust karma to handle it. Don’t waste your time assuming the worst. Assume the best of others and trust that if you’re wrong, karma will come to them. This saves you from trying to handle the situation. Leave it in karma’s hands and move on.

These are 7 reasons to assume the best of others. Is assuming the best of others a struggle for you? You’re welcome to share your stories here.

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