7 Awesome Things about Being the Funny One ...

There’re a lot of awesome things about being the funny one in any crowd or group. The advantages are many when you’ve got a natural sense of humor and the confidence to let it shine. This isn’t something that everyone has. If you do, you should definitely enjoy all the awesome things about being the funny one.

1. You’re Very Likeable

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When you’re funny, you’re likeable. People can’t help but like someone who makes them laugh and puts a smile on their face. People seem to be naturally drawn to you. You don’t have a lot of enemies because you can make most of them laugh. Being likeable is one of the many awesome things about being the funny one.

2. You Can Charm Your Way out of Difficult Situations

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This is another great thing about being the funny one. You can charm your way out of almost any situation. If you get in trouble with your parents or your boss at work, your naturally funny personality can get you out of it. It’ll at least make the situation less serious. It’s difficult for people to be angry with a person that can make them laugh.

3. You Can Be Yourself

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Being yourself is a goal that everyone should strive for. After all, that’s who you were created to be. People who’re naturally funny are being themselves because you can’t fake that kind of talent. You’re genuine in who you are and that’s a trait people love. Being the funny one in any crowd or situation is authentic.

4. You Have a Gift for Cheering Others

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When others are down, you can help them to feel encouraged. You can help things seem a little brighter by making a joke or pointing out something humorous about a situation. This is a great thing because not everyone knows what to say in those situations. You know yourself that when you’re feeling discouraged, a person that can make you laugh or help things look a little better is a treasure. You appreciate them for giving you those little gifts.

5. You Have Fun

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This is a purely personal benefit but it’s an important one. When you’re the funny one, you always have a good time. Life is fun for you or at least as fun as you can make it. It’s guaranteed that you’ll make the best of any situation that you’re in. You can have a good time doing practically anything.

6. You Can Always Lighten up a Situation

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Let’s face it. Life has moments that are difficult to deal with. Not every day is sunshine and roses. There are situations that are stressful and just plain hard. You have the ability to make them a little less heavy by being the funny one.

7. You Have a Lot of Friends

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Everyone needs at least one funny friend and you’re the perfect candidate. Not only can they count on you to sprinkle laughter into their life but they know you’ll be the life of the party with your jokes and humor. You’re just a great all-round person and who doesn’t love someone like that? Friends are easy for you to make which is a wonderful thing because not everyone can make friends easily. That’s absolutely something to appreciate about yourself.

These are 7 awesome things about being the funny one. Are you the funny one in your circle of friends? I’d love for you to share about your experiences.

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