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I could list about one thousand reasons Malala Yousafzai should be your role model! As a young woman with a passion for education, I can’t think of a better woman to be my role model. If you struggle to find a suitable influential person within the media, consider these reasons Malala Yousafzai should be your role model and see if you’re not inspired by her!

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Her Passion

In her short life so far, Malala has demonstrated immense passion. From a young age, Malala has been passionate about education equality for girls, so much so that she continued fighting for her cause even after receiving death threats from the Taliban. Not only is the degree of her zeal one of the reasons Malala Yousafzai should be your role model, but so is the topic of her passion. Women’s rights is an issue that generations of women before you have fought for. Today, you may have equal opportunities in your area, but the fight isn’t over; Malala makes it clear that it is your responsibility to bring about change for your fellow girls in oppressed countries.


Malala's fierce dedication to her cause began early, when as a child in Pakistan's Swat Valley, she wrote a blog detailing her experiences under Taliban occupation and advocating for girls’ education. Her resilience in the face of adversity remained steadfast even after surviving an assassination attempt, which only fueled her determination. Global audiences have been inspired by her strength, leading her to become the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. This kind of tenacity invites admiration and emulation, as she tirelessly works to empower girls worldwide, reminding us that every voice can catalyze change.


Her Will to Live

Malala’s body could have easily given up after receiving a bullet to her brain. But she fought on. Her body is that of a survivor, but her body would be nothing without her resilient spirit, which continues supporting her cause long after recovery.


Her Fearlessness

Malala Yousafzai epitomizes fearlessness in all of her actions. Malala knew the potential consequences of fighting for women’s rights in a culture where where women are subservient to men— some of them lawless men, who have no problem killing innocent children. But, with her faith in her cause, fellow women, Allah, and herself, Malala boldly ignored all notions of defeat and fought to the brink of death and then past it. If that isn’t inspirational, what is?


Her Achievements

A hallmark of role models is often their achievements. Malala has now achieved the greatest accomplishment of all by earning the Nobel Peace Prize. She is the youngest recipient of the prize in history, and certainly deserves it! At such a young age, her actions and achievements should motivate you to strive for more than you ever thought possible.


Her Maturity

Adult celebrities in the media often times don’t possess even a fraction of the maturity Malala has shown. While other “role models” have been objectifying women in their music videos, doing drugs, and overall setting a bad example for today’s youth, Malala has made an actual impact on the world. She is still only a teenager, yet she has amazing, adult-like perspective and handles herself in a mature fashion both on and off camera.


Her Leadership

Malala Yousafzai has not only started a movement, but has also successfully led it since recovering from her injury. The fight for gender equality has spread like wildfire, and girls now have a renewed hope of receiving a quality education without corrupt groups, like the Taliban that targeted Malala, impeding their right to knowledge.


As Malala herself once said, "I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is the story of many girls." Through her Malala Fund, she has become a beacon of change, empowering young women globally not just through advocacy, but through on-the-ground educational projects as well. This formidable young leader has shown that with passion and perseverance, even a teenager can inspire global movements and challenge the status quo. Not to mention, her charisma and conviction exceptionally stir the world's conscience, making the fight for girls' education an inescapable global imperative.


Her Humility

Despite Malala’s achievements, admirable attributes, and fame, she remains remarkably humble. On top of every other reason why Malala should be your role model, you should consider the humility and grace with which she greets every situation.

Overall, Malala is a great human being, destined for amazing things. She deserves your attention and admiration, so keep an eye out for what sort of actions she takes as she matures into a young woman (remember, she’s still only 17!) Why do you look up to Malala Yousafzai?

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She's amazing!!!!

I'm actually very tired of hearing about this. I'm not jealous nor would I like to be. She is amazing, I mean the girl did something the world told her not to. It's not her but it's the fact that the world is over stating it. I turn my head and it's there, I turn the other way and it's there, and it's not just with this it's with everything. It's like watching the same movie on replay for a lifetime. We understand the point, no need to repeat it 30 million times.

America need to stop messing with other countries and let them do them. They need to focus over here. But with the Mulala situation I love the girl. But she has yet to make a move (again) shit she should make a school.America should help her...

Amazing girl :)

love this article! very happy that you have made an article about important things aswell:)

You guys need to understand she's a very young girl she can't put the world on top of her, so stop saying bad stuff about her I wanna see you guys make a difference in this world.

Malala is wonderful :)

Malala is amazing but she hasn't done much. I know she is only a girl but did did she really derserve that noble prize and all the lovesick respect?

I love Mulala (if thats how you spell her name) but she hasn't been able to do nothing. I hear about her all the time and I love her.But this is her country… If she wanted to be a true hero she should make steps into make houses for young girls who want to be educated, or educate them today. But thats there country and their religion. We cant stop there religion.

First of all there are lot of girl who have u amazing life lesson so why we talk always mala Ln a.the girl who living in there we should focus.not that girl who are safe and living good country .like I am not jealous of her .But we focus those who really need help.whose voice and word never listen .

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