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I'm an only child, so you might be thinking there's no way I could know if sisters are the best. Really, though, I know lots about sisters. I always wanted one growing up, because sisters are often like built in best friends. Plus, as an adult, I've created a really great family of friends and am very lucky to have several women I view as my sisters. I know it's not the same, I know that every sister relationship is different, and I know things aren't always rosy, but that's true of everything. In general, sisters are pretty damn awesome.

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They're Teachers

They're Teachers Sisters are the best in general, but if you have an older sister, you have a great teacher. Actually, the two of you will teach each other new things your whole lives, especially if you're close. You might not always listen to each other's advice, but you share it and hope that it will someday help.


They're Always Honest

They're Always Honest Your sister will always tell you the truth, probably no matter how you get along. She's not going to pull punches but neither will she let you walk out of the house looking like a fashion victim or date the high school Lothario known for breaking hearts.


You Can Always Vent to Each Other

You Can Always Vent to Each Other Whatever you're going through, you can talk to each other. You can complain about the things you have in common, like your school teachers, your hometown, your parents, or an in-law, or you can vent about the new things you're going through. When you've had a bad day or you're dealing with a difficult situation, your sister is there to listen. She'll let you yell, cry, and curse, and you'll always do the same for her.


You've Got History Together

You've Got History Together You know each other's most embarrassing stories. You share deep, shameful secrets, like the time you streaked through the house when Santa came to visit or when she had that awful “accident” at the water park. You've shared family triumphs and tragedies, you've seen pets go over the rainbow bridge, you've listened to your grandfather's stories a million times. Sisters share even the things they don't remember.


You Guide Each Other

You Guide Each Other If a sister can help, she will. You help each other through everything, from job interviews to illnesses to heartbreaks. You share what you've learned from past mistakes and do your best to make things easier for each other. Sisters are guiding lights.


Sisters May Judge...

Sisters May Judge... It's true, sometimes sisters judge. They may judge your major, your job, your dating life, your wardrobe, where you live, and how your pet behaves, but it mostly comes from a place of love. She'll also judge your plans toilet paper your ex's house or meet that guy from Tindr whose username includes the word “bro.”


But They Often Join in

But They Often Join in However, sometimes even when you've come up with the craziest shenanigans, your sister will join you. You might as well be crazy together.


They Love You Unconditionally

They Love You Unconditionally Besides, no matter how many dumb decisions you make, no matter how many mistakes, no matter what, your sister will always love you. Always. And you will always love her.


They Know What You're Going through

They Know What You're Going through Especially when you're dealing with family issues or something that happened in the past, your sister empathizes. She knows how much it hurts, how angry it makes you, or how scared you are. Even if you're simply going through a rough time in your life, she's either been there or has keen sympathy.


They Teach You How to Fight

They Teach You How to Fight Oh yeah. Sisters fight. They fight with their sisters, they fight with their brothers, they'll fight with everybody. Whether you polished your ninja scratches on her or simply sharpened your tongue, your sister taught you how to defend yourself. Don't worry, you definitely returned the favor.


You Have an Automatic PIC

You Have an Automatic PIC Since sisters do often join in with those big ideas, you always have an instant partner in crime. Your sister is the Robin to your Batman – or perhaps vice versa. Which one of you is the ring leader?


Sisters Are Secret Keepers

Sisters Are Secret Keepers Okay, this isn't always true. Your sister may blab everything you tell her. However, if it's really important, and even if you know she'll tell, your sister is often the best person to spill your secrets to, because at least she'll always listen.


All the “New” Clothes

All the “New” Clothes Closet raids. The end.


You Get to Be Weird Together

You Get to Be Weird Together From bonding over old Full House episodes to taking the strangest possible selfies, you can always be your weirdest self with your sister. She might judge you, she might join in, she might try to advise you, but she'll love you no matter what.


Sisters Are Always There

Sisters Are Always There She will always be there for you. You've got a bond that nothing can irrevocably break.

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🌷🍀😍best post

She committed suicide 2 years ago so never ever take your sister for granted because like the posts says she is always the one person you can trust and go to for everything I miss that and her more than anyone will ever know!!! RIP baby sis Mandy I love you!!!

This totally defines me and my sis, lol

Haha this is so me and my sis lol

That's beautiful. I have a twin sister and our relationship is like an always will be there type. We are busy most of the time but we show in the little things that matter how we care. It's great :)

Great article .. I love my sisters and all what you said it's true

Aww this defines me and my sister 😂😭💖💖💖

It's so true...Just loved the article!

This really defines me and my Twin sister. She is always there for me and i could not wish for a better sister!

My sister was my best friend and no one in this entire world could compare to her, she committed s

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