20 Reasons It's Great to Be a Girl ...


20 Reasons It's Great to Be a Girl ...
20 Reasons It's Great to Be a Girl ...

Sometimes, the expectations placed upon us by the media and society can make it hard to see how there are any reasons it’s great to be a girl. However, when we make the best of ourselves, being a girl absolutely rocks! We are smart, sassy and beautiful, so here are some of the many reasons it’s great to be a girl!

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Pain Tolerance

The amount of pain that we can deal with has to be one of the most important reasons it’s great to be a girl. Yes, we’d all rather we didn’t have to deal with the pain at all, but the fact is that if men had the pain of menstrual cramps every month, some would be stuck in bed with no life and no job. Not to mention the fact that the human race could well die out because only a woman could go through the agony of childbirth and then choose to go through it all over again. It’s our ability to power through anything that life throws at us that makes us so fantastic.


Women are renowned for their exceptional endurance when it comes to pain, a quality that transcends mere physical ability. It's more than biological; it's a mental fortitude that sees us through the toughest days. Whether it's handling the emotional rollercoaster of PMS or soldiering on through a migraine, our resilience is remarkable. And it's not just physical pain we conquer. Daily social and professional challenges are met with the same unyielding spirit, reinforcing our role as the backbone of family and community. Truly, our capacity to endure and thrive is a testament to the incredible inner strength every woman possesses.


Organisational Skills

In most marriages, it seems to be the wife that remembers not only her own family’s birthdays and anniversaries, but her husband’s too, and has all the presents wrapped and cards written ready to go in advance. And we can juggle school, or a job, with raising kids and running the house. We are just masters of organization. It must be the way our brains work.


We Make Good Drivers

Despite popular misconceptions, one of the reasons that being a girl is great is that women really DO make better drivers. Our insurance is cheaper and our cars often last longer as a result of our driving skills. We may not be as good at parking, but that’s a different matter altogether…


We Can like Silly Things

Us girls can admit that we like silly or embarrassing things much more easily. A man’s guilty pleasures can often be used to ridicule him, but for some reason, it’s far easier for us to get away with having some strange tastes.


For instance, that boy band from our teenage years we still jam out to? Totally acceptable. Or perhaps the stack of cheesy romance novels hidden under our bed? No biggie! Society often seems more lenient when we indulge in these joyous quirks. Friends laughing with us as we confess our love for a not-so-popular TV show can be the best kind of bonding. Plus, there's nothing quite like a solo dance party in our pajamas, belting out songs from our favorite childhood movies. And honestly? It's all kinds of fabulous.


We Can do Silly Things Too

Clumsiness in girls is often seen as cute rather than awkward. This is one of the great benefits of being a girl, particularly if you’re a little clumsy, socially awkward or tend to trip over your words (or feet). Rather than avoiding you, if you look away and smile slightly in an innocent way, people will actually come and talk to you rather than avoid you. Not to mention that if you drop anything, cute guys will be rushing to save the day.



Poor men. If they have a bad breakout of zits, they’re a bit stuck with them. We can get away with piling on the concealer and foundation when we’re having a bad face day. Plus, we can experiment with all sorts of different looks.


As women, we have the freedom to express ourselves through make-up. Not only can we cover up imperfections, but we can also enhance our features and create different looks for different occasions. Make-up also allows us to tap into our creativity and experiment with different colors and styles. Additionally, the beauty industry offers a wide range of products specifically tailored to women's needs, from skincare to cosmetics. This not only gives us the opportunity to take care of our skin, but also to have fun and feel confident in our appearance. Whether it's a bold red lip or a natural "no make-up" look, make-up allows us to showcase our individuality and feel empowered as women.


We Live Longer

The life expectancy for women is a bit longer than it is for men. Some studies suggest that we actually live, on average, 7 years longer, but current life expectancies suggest it’s more like a couple of years. There are many reasons for this: we take less risks, look after ourselves a bit better, and are more likely to see a doctor if we’re worried about something. A nice long life is definitely one of the biggest reasons being a girl is awesome!


We do Better in School

For a quite a long time now, female students have been their outperforming male counterparts. There are a few areas where boys are in the lead, but overall, girls’ results are much higher.


We’re More Likely to Finish College

Not only are we more likely to get into college as we achieve better grades, we’re also less likely to drop out. This is probably because we can be so determined and don’t give up when things get tough.


More Fashion Choice

Apart from cultural or ethnic dress, men can’t really get away with wearing skirts or dresses. The great perks of being a girl means we have way more choice when it comes to clothing, not just in style, but in colours and patterns, fabrics and everything you can think of.


The variety of options extends to everything from shoes to accessories—imagine the joy of matching handbags with scarves or choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for your outfit. And let's not forget about the joy of shoe shopping, with choices ranging from stylish stilettos to comfy flats. Whether we're talking about a professional setting or a casual day out, we can express ourselves in ways that go beyond mere fashion statements—they become extensions of our personalities. Plus, with the constant evolution in women's fashion, there's always something new and exciting to try on!


We’re Less Likely to Commit Crimes

Only a small proportion of offenders are female. Men aren’t worse people, but women tend to be better at using their voices to settle a dispute.


We Get to Give Birth

You can see this either in a positive or negative light really, but men are never going to go through the amazing experience of carrying and bearing a child. The love between mother and child is something that just can’t be put into words.


Absolutely, childbirth is a rollercoaster of emotions and physical changes, but it's this unique ability to nurture life within that's just so awe-inspiring. Sure, there are the not-so-glamorous aspects – like morning sickness and mood swings – but these pale in comparison to feeling those first flutters of life and eventually, holding your newborn in your arms. It's an intimate bond that starts from the womb, a connection so profound it often defines a woman’s essence. Despite the challenges, it's a powerful affirmation of the strength and the miracle of life that only a woman can truly know.


Someone Will Always Stick up for You

If a man is being threatened by someone else, then sadly many members of the public will just walk on by to avoid trouble. But if a woman looks like she needs help, there’s always a knight in shining armour that will come to the rescue.


It's heartening to know that compassion still thrives in today's society, especially towards women. Whether it's a gentleman offering his seat on a crowded subway or a passerby intervening during a tense moment, the protective instinct often kicks in. While this chivalry may seem outdated to some, it can be deeply reassuring to feel that sense of safety and support in an unpredictable world. And truly, it’s not just about the grand gestures; even the simplest acts of kindness can make all the difference in a woman's day.


Girl Groups

Girl groups are great; just think Spice Girls. Girl power has to be one of the best reasons to be a girl.



This is not sexist; it’s scientifically proven. Something about the way our brains are wired makes us better at multi-tasking. This is really useful when you consider how busy all of our lives are these days! We can save time by completing more than one task at once.


The Sympathy Vote

If a man began to cry when given a parking or speeding ticket, the poor guy would probably be laughed at. But if we turn on the waterworks, genuine or not, people feel sorry for us and may even let us off with a warning. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s definitely worth a try.


We Can Scream and Run

One of the big reasons that being a girl is good is that if there’s a spider, wasp, moth, mouse, woodlouse, fly, bee (you get the idea) in the vicinity, it’s perfectly acceptable for us to squeal loudly, flee the scene, and find a nice man to deal with it for us. And, nobody is going to be calling on us when THEY get scared of aforementioned terrifying creatures.


Boobs Are Great

If a man has boobs, he has to hit the gym and sort it out. We can just be proud of them.


Boobs are a natural part of a woman's body and can come in all shapes and sizes. They serve as a symbol of femininity and are often celebrated in popular culture. However, they also have practical purposes such as providing nourishment for infants through breastfeeding. Additionally, having larger breasts has been linked to higher intelligence and a lower risk of heart disease. Despite societal pressures to have a certain size or shape, embracing and being proud of one's unique breasts is a great way to celebrate being a woman.


We Can Wear Men’s Clothes

On a lazy Sunday (or any day, for that matter) we can laze around in our boyfriend’s shirts and sweats, and feel kind of sexy about it. But I can’t see many boyfriends queuing up to wear their girlfriends' dresses and heels.


The effortless comfort we find in an oversized hoodie or the warmth of a borrowed flannel shirt has a throw-on-and-go vibe that is undeniably cool. And who knew that those baggy jeans could be styled to look so chic with the right belt and crop top? Stealing from the men's section isn’t just practical; it’s a trend that has been hitting the runways and streets alike. Ceaseless options, that’s our fashion mantra, blending functional with feminine, proving that style has no gender boundaries. Plus, there's something rebelliously satisfying about subverting traditional fashion norms with a unisex wardrobe that we rock, effortlessly.



It’s perfectly acceptable for us to spend 4 hours on the phone to our best friend each day, or more if someone’s having a crisis. Not to mention the fact that we can share absolutely everything with our closest friends. Other girls really can make it brilliant to be a girl.

There’s so many reasons here to enjoy being who you are, so next time you’re feeling a little low, remember how great you are: remember this list and all of the reasons it’s great to be a girl. What’s your best reason for being glad you’re a girl?

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Males and females deal with struggles and benefits but I think my gender is epic cause we have school bathroom stalls instead of guys looking at each other in the restroom and I'm a female drawing right now :)

I'm a girl, and I can say that not one bone in my body screams ORGANISED. Its just not in my jeans.

Always wanted to be a boy:/ Now i changed my mind:)

I really don't like the idea that half of these "perks" of being a girl involves a man "rescuing" me... And number 12 is the main reason I don't want to be a girl.

I always be a girl (u_u)

this is kinda sexist towards men.. and I'm usually quite feminist

You forgot to add that we can do almost anything a man can do, wearing heels. The most powerful person in the EU? Angela Merkel. Remember Margareth thatcher? Girl graduates can do something!

So true! Although I actually do know quite a few men who wear concealer lol

8. Is a no brainer. In fact we're biologically shown to be more intelligent than man. That ties in with the fact that we're mothers.

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