7 Good Manners Every Girl Should Have Always ...


7 Good Manners Every Girl Should Have Always ...
7 Good Manners Every Girl Should Have Always ...

Being from the South, manners have been genetically instilled in me since birth. Don’t get me wrong, all Southerners do not have manners, but manners are still pretty much prized as being the ultimate quality to have, especially for a woman, around here. Certain manners can enhance your relationships, help you meet people, snag a new job you want, maintain a good professional demeanor, help you meet a man, make you more generous, keep you humble, and enhance your social skills. Read on to find my 7 favorites and do share yours with me, pretty please!

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Always Offer a Handshake

In the germophobic world we live in, no one seems to want to shake hands anymore, but offering your handshake is one of the most important manners every girl should have. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve met someone new and they seem a little hesitant towards me, or shy. I immediately offer my hand out to them and tell them how glad I am to meet them. This breaks down a barrier between you and strangers, and lets them know you’re friendly. It also loosens you up and makes it easier to meet others each time you do it. If someone refuses to shake your hand, don’t take it personally. They simply might have a germ issue, and in that case, just put down your hand and give them a smile. This manner is especially important on a job interview, where I always offer a handshake to the person interviewing me. It suggests confidence, which is priceless in the work field.


Always Say Ma’am or Sir

I don’t care if someone is the same age as you or not, or even if they are younger. Anyone who is your employer, teacher, leader, mentor, co-worker, etc. should be called ma’am and sir out of respect. Trust me, they’ll probably tell you that you don’t have to call them that, but it still implies you are kind, respectful and courteous. Just say it and thank me later.


Always Say Please and Thank You

Most girls know this is a manner that we need to have, but it still has to be said. Saying please when requesting something and thank you upon receiving anything, even if it is just an answer to a question, is crucial to having manners. Do this with anyone, not just someone above you.


Good manners are an essential part of being a lady. Saying please and thank you is a fundamental way to show respect and gratitude for someone’s efforts. It is important to remember to do this with everyone, not just those in positions of authority. Good manners also include being polite, kind, and courteous to all people, regardless of their age, gender, or social status. Additionally, it is important to always be on time, to never interrupt someone when they are speaking, and to always be respectful of other people’s opinions and beliefs. Finally, it is important to always be mindful of your own behavior and to always be a positive influence on those around you.


Open Doors for Others

Unless you’re on a date, it is a great idea to open doors for other people when out in public. Never open your date’s door for him though, that’s his job! Opening doors for other people signals that you’re courteous, kind and aware of others. It is also one of the best hospitality gestures you can offer others. You don't have to be the bellhop and hold it open for everyone; one person will do!



One overlooked manner every girl should have is to smile. Smile at strangers, school mates, and co-workers whenever you get the chance. A simple smile and “Hey, how are you?” will get you further along in developing relationships, meeting people, maintaining a good work relationship, and generally make you seem happier and easier to talk to. Plus, a smile is the prettiest thing you could ever wear!


Sit like a Lady

This might sound old fashioned, but it's true! When you’re out in public at an event or on a date, cross your legs, or at least your ankles. Don’t slouch in your chair with your legs hanging out in front of you, but instead, sit up straight and maintain a good ladylike position. You don't need to look stiff like you're at a tea party, but simply sit up tall with good posture and gently crossed legs or ankles. This manner will help you seem professional, feminine, graceful and classy.


Good posture is one of the most important manners that every girl should have. Sitting with your back straight and shoulders back will show confidence, poise, and grace. When sitting in public, it is important to cross your legs or ankles and avoid slouching in your chair. This manner will help you appear professional, feminine, graceful, and classy. Additionally, it is important to remember to always keep your elbows off the table and maintain good eye contact when talking to someone. Furthermore, it is important to remember to always be kind and courteous to those around you. Manners are a reflection of your character and it is important to always maintain them.


Don’t Curse

For the love of being a lady, stop cursing! Unless you’re at home alone and just broke that glass dish your mom gave you for Christmas, of course! Then it’s okay since you’re alone! Seriously though, don’t make a habit of cursing, especially around guys. They want to date someone who is a lady, not a potty mouth. Cursing is also a big no no on the job. Employers don’t want their employees having bad language or it might influence their company’s image.

Having good manners doesn’t just equate to wiping your mouth at the dinner table, though that is a great manner to practice. These simple, yet effective manners are actions every girl can and should take, to maintain a ladylike, professional and classy appearance. After all, we are girls so let’s act like one! What is an important manner you were taught to have?

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I have to agree about the "ma'am" comments, in eastern Canada where I live it is mostly considered offensive unless the person is significantly older than you, but I'm sure it's polite in other places!

I can agree with all but I have a problem with the handshaking!'

I totally agree with how much of a difference manners make and these are all excellent points! The only thing I would say is that geographically, the use of the word ma'am is a little iffy. I am from wisconsin and I find women tend to find "ma'am" as an implication of older age rather than a general term of respect for a woman, as I have also heard it used. I'm only saying it is taken differently by some people in different locations, not that the person saying it is wrong.

Wow i do all of these :D

I was raised with manners because of this I do everything on the list. Yet I am working on cursing less..

Acting "lady-like" isn't required to be successful. This is sexist.

I have to work on my cursing

I agree! Its not attractive at all!

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