17 Realistic 👌🏼 New Year's Resolutions for 2018 🗓 ...


New Year's resolutions are terrible. I won't say they're the worst because, you know, they're not, but they're still pretty heinous. Everyone automatically expects you to make them and you probably just expect yourself to make them, too. The thing is, everyone makes the same sorts of resolutions every year – lose weight, eat healthy, stop smoking, join the gym, stop wasting money – and by February, if not sooner, they're already failed endeavors. Then you just spend the rest of the winter feeling terrible about yourself for not having any willpower or goals. What would happen if we made the resolutions we really wanted to, instead of the ones we're supposed to make? I think it'd go a little something like these realistic New Year's resolutions

1. Pet as Many Animals as You Can

Pet as Many Animals as You Can

Why? Because when you pet a puppy (or a kitten, or a bunny, or a ferret), you're practically guaranteed a smile.

Lose Some Weight
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