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7 Quotes to Help You Accomplish Your Goals and Dreams ...

By Alison

There are plenty of great quotes to help you accomplish your goals and find ‘success’ in that department, even though success means so many different things to different people. Success to one person could be spending more time with their children, while it could be getting an orchid to re-bloom to another! I believe, however, that most people would like to be successful when it comes to achieving their goals and dreams. What helps me out a lot is knowing that others have been able to accomplish their dreams and overcame their obstacles with dignity and grace, so therefore, why can’t I? Below I've found some brilliant quotes to help you accomplish your goals and your life's dreams.

1 Question, Learn, Answer

Question, Learn, AnswerEuripides, the Ancient Greek poet, has some great wisdom to impart with one of the best quotes to help you accomplish your goals and dreams. Each day that we’re alive, we are given the gift of being able to question and learn something new; even if we didn’t learn a lot, at least we learned a little. Hopefully what we learned is something that will take us one step closer in the direction of our goals and dreams.

2 The BeginNing

The BeginNingAnother great piece of advice is to start with where you are at and with the resources you have. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be patient with your goals and dreams and take them one step at a time. Everyone before you that accomplished their goals and dreams also had to start somewhere. Just remember this simple fact! And, as Richard Evans mentions, don’t ever let life's obstacles discourage you from pursuing your goals and accomplishing your dreams.

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3 Which Will It Be?

Which Will It Be?I respect this quote a lot, as it makes me realize that I need to make the most of each and every day, and that I am in control of where I take each day, with respect to my goals and dreams! Basically, we all have the option to take control of our goals, act on our plans, and choose how we spend each day. Make sure you spend the time in each day wisely.

4 Respect Yourself...

Respect Yourself...Often in life we get stuck, trapped, or lost in activities that don’t actually support our Highest Good, or we make decisions and choices that aren’t right for us. Maybe we’ve become disillusioned with life or been led off the path that would have ultimately taken us closer to our goals and dreams. Either way, this quote shows us that we can release those choices, so that we can create much better (and newer) ones.

5 Plans

PlansI don’t always believe in fate, but this quote certainly makes me think more about it. Life frequently has something else in store for us and sometimes you can’t always force your goals and dreams. Take your hands off the steering wheel for a change and just go where life leads!

6 Life is like Hockey

Life is like HockeyThis quote is so true, right? Who better to say this than one of the greatest ice hockey players ever? If you don’t take a chance or at least give your goals and dreams a try, then they’ll never come true for you. Professional sports players frequently impart great gems of wisdom when it comes to dreams and goals, as they’re living proof that their dreams have come true. It’s simple wisdom to impart, but if you don’t try taking that shot at the goal, you’ll never score!

7 Take Ownership

Take OwnershipThis last quote encompasses everything that goes through our minds when it comes to personal goals. You have an idea, you see it unravel if you act on it, you struggle with it (as it didn’t go the way you planned), you try to embrace your fears (if your dreams don't scare you, then they aren't big enough), and you smile through all the obstacles. Life really is what we make of it and we are all here to live out our dreams, so make sure your dreams count!

I hope these quotes will inspire you to prioritize your life in such a way that you take the first step to accomplishing your goals and dreams – you’ll be glad you did. What's your favorite quote relating to goals and dreams?

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