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There are so many fantastic quotes from Emma Watson. These are all must-reads for young women. I love the fact that Emma is so concerned with her generation - she's constantly voicing her opinion on anything and everything. She's such a great role model! Check out some of the amazing quotes from Emma Watson and then let me know which ones your favorites are!

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Intelligence Girls, TAKE NOTE. There is NO reason why you should EVER feel the need to 'dumb yourself down' for a man's attention/approval. I've seen so many intelligent women "lower their IQ" in fear of intimidating a man. That is NOT a problem you should be concerned with. What you need to do is embrace your brain and all the knowledge in it. Make yourself powerful! This is just one of many awesome quotes from Emma Watson.



Fashion The whole point of fashion is to be expressive, right? What you wear should give people an idea of who you are. If you're someone who wants to live in sweatpants, do it. There's no reason why you should try so hard to look perfect every single morning. Nobody's perfect.


Live and Learn

Live and Learn Making mistakes is a part of life that's inevitable. Everyone's bound to have a major screw up at some point in their lives. That doesn't mean it won't become a life lesson. If your gut is telling you to do (or even not do) something, listen to your gut. Trust your instincts because it's YOUR life. Take the opinions of your loved ones into consideration but don't base all your life decisions on them!


Being Yourself

Being Yourself Nowadays, people are so quick to change their minds and opinions. If society is endorsing something then it must be "cool", right? Wrong. Emma knows the importance of sticking to how you really feel. If everyone's just going with the "in" crowd, be different. Be yourself and stick up for whatever you believe in.


Embracing Imperfection

Embracing Imperfection It's incredibly easy to sit in front of a mirror and pick out your flaws. It's even easier to compare yourself to super models or movie stars (even though we know they are constantly photoshopped/airbrushed). Emma keeps in touch with reality by reminding herself that she is a person and all people have flaws. Nobody is meant to look like a Barbie doll and embracing our quirkiness and individuality is what makes life so beautiful.


Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear Too often, we choose not to do something because we're scared of uncertainty. We don't know what the results might be, therefore we choose not to change anything. Is that any way to live? Fear is healthy - fear is proof that we are all human. Fear gives us something to work for, something to conquer. Emma suggests that having faith and "blasting through" it is all it takes.


Keeping the Mystery

Keeping the Mystery When asked about modesty, Emma says that less is always more. Keeping the mystery alive means not revealing every part of you to anyone who asks to see it. Keep your power and reveal what's important - your mind. Connect with someone on an intellectual level, seek out knowledge and inspiration. Like Emma says, "the less you reveal, the more people can wonder."

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many incredible quotes from Emma Watson. I truly admire her outlook on life - she's such a positive influence and role model for all young women! Of the list, which quote was your favorite? What do you love most about Emma Watson?

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Love every quote....she is beautiful


Live and Learn was my favorite, but I loved all of them. She is a good role-model for girls everywhere! So inspiring 😊

Wow, enlightening. So refreshing to read. I'll defiantly read more articles about her!

i think this girl is beautiful

Smart girl!

Love emma watson. She is brilliant!

this is my first time reading Emma Watson's quotes but i can't even explain how impressive feel right now i can't even decide which one is my favorite, but ill take the first one........but i like all of it thanks Emma

Such a classy girl. Love her!

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