7 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Learn How to Be Happy ...


7 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Learn How to Be Happy ...
7 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Learn How to Be Happy ...

If you want to learn how to be happy, I must tell you that there are a few questions you should ask yourself every morning in order to remind yourself from time to time how lucky you really are. Happiness comes from within and you don’t need all the riches in the world in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. I really love this quote by Thomas Jefferson, who said that “It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.”. In order to learn how to be happy, here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself the moment you open your eyes every morning:

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“Where Am I Now in Comparison to Where I Want to Be?”

In my opinion, this is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself if you want to learn how to be happy. It’s good to have important goals in your life, so you’ll give your life meaning. Yet, it’s really important to know where you find yourself everyday on the path of fulfilling your dreams. Milton Erickson, the famous psychotherapist once said that “A goal without a date is just a dream” and I couldn’t agree more! If you are aware that you are constantly working towards reaching your goals, you will feel happier and more successful.


“How Can I Love My Loved Ones Even More Today?”

You should always try to answer this question every morning when you wake up, so you would focus only on the ways you can show your love and appreciation for your loved ones instead of focusing only on their flaws or on the way they did you wrong in the past. No one is perfect and neither are you! Learn to be happier by expressing your love for the people around you more often!


“What is Going Well in My Life?”

By answering this question, you will manage to focus on all the things you need to be grateful for and I’m sure that they are quite a few. The thing is that we often tend to neglect all the positive things in our life and we are stuck thinking only about the negatives ones. Acknowledge all the wonderful things in your life and remind yourself how lucky you really are!


“What do I Need to Change in My Life?”

What things do I need to change in my life in order to feel happier and more relaxed? How can I improve my behavior so I will feel amazing? Are there certain things that I need to eliminate from my life, like a toxic friendship or the constant need to please everyone? Think about all these things, every morning when you wake up, so you will know what you need to do in order to feel even more wonderful.


“How Am I Spending My Time?”

How am I spending my time every day? Do I work hard enough in order to fulfill all my dreams? Do I have any more time left to spend with my loved ones or doing the things I enjoy? Am I postponing things too much? Realize how you spend your time every day, so you would know what to do in order to feel even happier. Try not to waste time doing things that don’t require so much attention from you and focus on the things that could ensure your happiness.


“What Are My Most Frequent Thoughts?”

What do you think about all day long? What are your most frequent thoughts? Are they positive or are there a lot of negative thoughts that come uninvited into your mind, bringing you down? Notice what you are thinking about every day, so you would know if you need to take some action and chase away those unpleasant thoughts that always bother you.


“How Will I Enjoy Myself Today?”

In order to learn how to feel happier, try to get used to thinking about different ways to enjoy yourself every single day. What can you do to have fun today? Don’t wake up thinking only about your worries and responsibilities; if you don’t feel like it, just force yourself to smile and the rest will come easily. Enjoy yourself and have fun! You can still take care of all your problems, only that with the proper attitude, you won’t feel so miserable anymore.

These questions are meant to get you thinking about what you can really do in order to feel happier, so don’t hesitate to use them every single day! What other questions should people ask themselves if they want to learn how to feel amazingly happy and satisfied with everything they have? Please share your opinion with us!


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