25 Profoundly Relatable and Inspiring Quotes from Grey's Anatomy ...


If you love a good quote, then you’ll be sure to relate to the quotes from Grey’s Anatomy. Nothing like TV’s dark and twisty medical drama to inject us with life lessons, right? It’s exactly because of this I love watching Grey’s Anatomy aside from the number of (Mc)hotties running around of course. The quotes from Grey’s Anatomy tell life like it is. So raw and real, doesn't sugar coat the bad stuff, which makes it seriously relatable.

1. Flight or Fight

"There is always a way when things look like there’s no way. There’s a way to do the impossible, to survive the in survivable. There’s always a way. So if I can offer one piece of advice to the world’s foremost neurosurgeon. Today if you become frightened instead become inspired." This has got to be one of my favourite quotes from Grey’s Anatomy. Fear is something you and I battle with every day but this quote teaches you not to be overwhelmed by it. It doesn’t say don’t be afraid, because frankly speaking, how on earth is one supposed to just not be afraid? Instead it says be afraid anyway but use that fear to inspire you and not stop you from becoming great.

Be in the Now
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