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8 Points to Remember when Starting a Blog ...

By Alison

If you are thinking of entering the blogging world, there are a number of points to remember when starting a blog. Millions of people have their own blog, and some sectors are a very crowded marker. You want people to read your blog, or it's just an online diary. But how do you get readers, and how do you decide what to write about? Here are some important points to remember when starting a blog …

1 You Won't Get Rich

One of the major points to remember when starting a blog is that you won't make your fortune with it. You might, if you're lucky, make a small amount. See it as a possible small source of extra cash, but it's guaranteed that you won't become rich (or famous) through your blog.

2 Update Frequently

Since a blog without readers is pretty pointless, you need to give them something to read. If someone chances across your blog and sees that the last entry was some time in 2007, they won't be back. To keep your readers, update regularly so that they will bookmark you and keep coming back.


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3 Choose a Niche

For your blog to stand out, you should choose a subject that isn't already covered by a million other blogs. A general fashion blog won't attract any attention. But write about fashion in Africa, or the costume of 17th century Dutch peasants, and you've narrowed it down. Then anyone doing a search on the Senegalese fashion may stumble across your blog.

4 Be Knowledgeable

It's important to write on a subject that you have some knowledge of. Readers aren't likely to be interested in amateur coverage of a topic, unless you have an unusual angle. If you're writing on sewing kids' clothing, give your readers sewing tutorials and advice on buying a sewing machine.

5 Distinctive Name

Choose a name for your blog that is creative and memorable. You want it to stand out. So "Sewing for Children" may be an accurate description, but it's not going to attract attention. A play on words like "Sew Happy House" evokes images of family, which is relevant, and will stick in your readers' minds.

6 A Subject You Enjoy

Always pick a subject that you like for your blog. You should be updating it frequently, which is going to be a tedious chore if you're not enthused about the subject. So choose something that you feel you can maintain an interest in, and will find plenty of material for.

7 Write for Your Readers

When you write, bear in mind what will interest your readers. You must write in a way that will appeal to them, and not simply focus on your own point of view. A blog that is too egocentric will bore people and make them hit the back button. Provide something to interest them.

8 Expect Criticism

When you publish your work on the web, you are going to get criticism. Such is the nature of the internet. Don't let it get to you. Ignore any rude or offensive comments. Only answer critical comments that are expressed in a reasonable manner, and never be drawn into online arguments. It's a waste of time and energy.

Blogging can be fun, and a great way of connecting with likeminded people. It won't make you rich, and it definitely won't make you famous, but you can certainly enjoy sharing your thoughts. Remember not to publish anything that you might regret; you may delete it, but it will still be out there and could come back to haunt you. What would you choose to blog about?

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