17 Pieces of Advice I Would Give Any Teenage Girl out There ...


Alright girls, whlie I may not be extremely wise just yet, I have reached the point of being an adult woman, and have tons of helpful advice for teenage girls to shell out. Oh, and if you think I don't know all about life's ups and downs, let me prove you wrong! I came from a perfect childhood, I'll admit, but my early childhood was disrupted by sexual abuse. Dealing with that in secret for years was hard enough, until divorce between my parents hit at age 16. Insecurity also led me to developing an eating disorder and going through a major depression at age 18, which left me dealing with an eating disorder for five years. Then at age 25, I lost my father in a car accident and went through a personal life crisis. To top it off, after that I was unemployed for two years with a college degree, and swarming in uncertainty, debt and fear. Yet, over the last three years of my life, I came through on top, recovered from my disorder, am now working in a career I'm passionate about, and somehow, by a miracle, I found the strength to survive it all. Yet, everyday I still feel deeply humbled by the grace I was shown by other people and am thankful I was stronger than I realized. As a teenage girl who had terrible self esteem, I can tell you that I've got tons of advice I would have given my former self, and while I may not be an expert on so many things, I am on a few! So, if it's okay, I would like to give any of you teenage ladies out there a few little pieces of advice to get you through the years when it can feel like the world is on the weight of your shoulders, but is really in the palm of your hands.

1. Don't Give into Peer Pressure

Here's a piece of advice that might sound like something your mom might tell you, but it is a great piece of advice for teenage girls that I kept near and dear to my heart. In high school, I was tempted by so many things, yet, somehow, deep inside, my own personality just didn't desire those things and even though I was the oddball, I never gave into things I knew weren't right. Trust me, as an adult you'll be thankful you stood up for yourself and your morals. Plus, in your twenties, or even probably a month from now, no one will even care if you joined in with the crowd or stood up for yourself enough not to cave in to silly temptations that are just down right wrong and foolish.

Don't Dress Trashy
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