7 Lessons from Oprah Every Woman Can Learn from ...


7 Lessons from Oprah Every Woman Can Learn from ...
7 Lessons from Oprah Every Woman Can Learn from ...

You may hate her or love her, but there are many lessons from Oprah that I think we all can learn. Oprah Winfrey is a worldwide phenomenon. She has built an entire entity around her name and deserves the utmost respect for that alone. One of my favorite things about her is that she is giving, is always interested in promoting other people to help get them started in a career, and she genuinely seems to care about her audience. She’s helped unbelievable stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Bethenny Frankel and more become famous, just to name a few. Not to mention Dr. Oz! With just one feature on her show, a star can become their own talk show host overnight! That’s not why I love Oprah though. Check out the reasons below to see why I think certain lessons from Oprah are worth her respect.

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Believe in Yourself

One of the best lessons from Oprah that she has taught every woman out there, along with every man, is to believe in yourself. It sounds hokey, but really, if we all believed that we could really do anything, we could achieve what we really want out of life. It was often so easy for me to forget this, yet somehow, Oprah’s words, quotes and encouraging thoughts on her show, in her magazine, O Magazine, or on her shows through the OWN television network, have always been a force to keep me going.


Forget Your Man Crutch

Oprah has proven to all women out there that we don’t need a man by our side in public or in private, or a ring on our finger to be bold, fearless, successful or happy! Sure she has a boyfriend, or did at one time, but you don’t ever hear her talk about him or how he’s helped her get to where she wanted to be. Oprah is fierce, man or not!


Be Bold

Being bold is what living is about, and Oprah is a beautiful example of bold life force! You have to put yourself out there, just like you are, along with your talents and just go for it! Go big, or go home!


Live Excited

Oprah is rarely NOT excited about something. She is so passionate, not just driven. Whatever she talks about, she gets emotionally excited about. Plus, talk about when she does a giveaway show! She gets almost more excited than the audience. Remember to live excited! You have one life so go for it!


Have Passion

Oprah’s passion shines through everything she does, and she’ll be the first to say that passion is important. She must have had passion herself to get to where she is. After all, she started from doing a simple radio show and her passion was so powerful, she never stopped there.


Go for Your Goals

While you may not know what you want to do exactly with your life, it is so important to set goals, even if they’re teeny tiny. Even if they seem silly, setting goals gives you something to work for, and Oprah is a great example of that. You can’t tell me she got to where she did without some serious goal setting. She came from a small, poor family and grew up having to work for what she owned, and what she achieved.


Never Give up

Never, ever, ever give up. Oprah is proof of that. She got turned down for several talk show hosts positions before getting her own show. Just because one person says no, or one door closes, doesn’t mean anything except the better door is waiting for you to walk through it.

Women like Oprah are great examples for women that we can do whatever we want. I always love to see a woman-based company thriving, which is one reason I love All Women Stalk so much! Do you like Oprah? If so, what’s your favorite thing about her?

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I absolutely love her for being herself, what you see is what you get :)

I do love Oprah! She\'s inspirational and always got my attention. She\'s a special star on this earth

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