Never Say Never! Inspirational Stories That'll Push You to Succeed ...

"I give up! I'm not going to bother any more!" You've said things like that at some point, I'm sure. So have I. When you just can't seem to get something right, it seems a waste of time to try any more. Sometimes that's true. But there are also times when you have to persist, and you'll get there in the end. Here are some stories of people who kept on trying … if they can succeed then so can you!

1. Disastrous Drivers

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Have you failed your driving test? Take heart - one British guy eventually passed the practical test on his 37th attempt. Well done, that man! That's determination for you. As shown by the woman who still keeps taking the theory test after failing 110 times (that is not a typo). She may not yet have passed, but it's not for want of trying …

2. Resolute Writers

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After Stephen King's Carrie was rejected again and again, he abandoned the manuscript himself. However, King's wife encouraged him to persist with it, and he did indeed succeed in getting it published. While we can't all be million-selling authors, King's example shows how it's worth persisting in your endeavors, as success may be right around the corner.

3. Brave Businessmen

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Would you like to run your own business but are afraid of failure? Plenty of big names in business saw their initial ideas fall by the wayside. But they kept on trying until they cracked it. If Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and RH Macy (of the famous store) can keep plugging away until they succeed, then so can you.

4. Persistent Pilots

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Today we take it for granted that we can book a seat and hop on a plane. But do you ever think about the pioneers that made this possible? The Wright brothers didn't get it 'wright' first time, but experienced many failures before they got their machines in the air. They had many challenges, but kept on working on their inventions - and made a unique contribution to aviation.

5. Last past the Post

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To some people, it's not winning that's important, but finishing. They're not competing against anyone but themselves, and they're determined to complete the challenge. After reaching nearly 500lb, Kentucky woman Asia Ford embarked upon a weight loss program. She even entered a 10k race, but got into difficulties in the last stage, though was determined to finish. At this point a police officer appeared, and walked the final miles with her. She may have come in last, but what an inspiring woman!

6. Paralympians

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Although I'm not a sporting fan, I like to watch the Paralympics. The determination these athletes show seems to me to be what true sportsmanship is all about. They don't let their physical limitations stop them from competing, instead working around those problems.

7. Late Bloomers

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Do you ever think you're too old to achieve something? Plenty of people have proved you wrong by flourishing later in life. Fauja Singh ran his first marathon at 89, and was still running aged 100 (probably faster than most of us, too!). Bryan Cranston is a big name now, but didn't get his first decent role until he was 38. Many well-known authors published their first book when they were over 40. It's never too late!

So, what are you inspired to do now?

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