The Ultimate Inspiration Reasons to Be Yourself ...


The Ultimate Inspiration Reasons to Be Yourself ...
The Ultimate Inspiration Reasons to Be Yourself ...

Hello to all! Beauty inspiration is all around you and sometimes it's in the simple things. Some amazing things have been happening to me this week, and they were life changing and they made me realize a lot! The next time you look into the mirror wondering if you are not "perfect" or wanting more of what you do not have. Just remember what I will tell you in this article. There is beauty in simple things and many reasons to be yourself.

The other day I was thinking back to when I was a little girl. I had a flashback to my elementary school, and I thought about my 2nd grade teacher. Of all of the 14 years that have gone by, the one thing I still remember most about Mrs. Tanner was how her nails were always manicured nicely and French tipped. Every day I went to class, her nails always looked brand new, and not a hangnail found. It was the tiniest detail about her that I remembered. I cannot even remember what her hair looked like. All I know to do this day is that she was very well kept and put together. So after reminiscing, I went to the bank to withdraw money. The guy behind the glass looked at me as if he knew me. As he was counting the money out loud, he stopped to ask me a question. "Hey weren't you the girl who worked with autistic children?" That was an old job I had. I looked at him funny and replied "How did you know that?" Then it all came back to me. It had been exactly one year since I had seen this man. Last year I applied to work at Wells Fargo, and I had gotten called in for a group interview. He happened to be one of the people there. The funny thing about this story is that during the interview, we never spoke nor asked each other for our names personally. He not only remembered my name, but the fact that I used to work with autistic children. It was the 30 minute interview that made him remember me a year later.

My point in explaining all of this is that when a person just goes about life the way they know how, they will not be remembered about how extravagant their hair was, or what car they drove. A person will be remembered based on how they carry themselves, or based on their passion for things. Yes! It is really that simple. You do not have to put on an act, or be something that you are not just to get someone's attention. It is easier to take the simpler route. Trust want to be yourself. Being yourself is what will make people remember you years down the line. Even if it is just as simple as a manicure.

My favorite quote from Maya Angelou says "People will not remember you based on how you look, but based on how you made them feel." So try to remember that next time you think you are not pretty enough. You are BeYoutiful.

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This is so inspiring. Thankyou so much. It's so true just be yourself and make it easy on yourself.

Awesome post.

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