7 Motivational Words You Need on Your Dressing Room Mirror ...


When the going gets tough, you need some motivational words on your dressings room mirror to remind you to persevere. Words can be incredibly powerful and the language we use to ourselves and others can have a profound effect on our lives. These are my favorite motivational words.

1. Tenacity

This is a powerful word and one we should use to remind us to keep going. We need to be tenacious in life and eat tenacity for breakfast. In fact, we should shower in it, sprinkle it on our salads and stir it into our soups. In short, we need to eat, breathe and sleep tenacity. We will get rejection after rejection but we need to dust ourselves off and carry on. There are always going to be haters and people who say we can't do it. But do we listen? No. Do we let them get us down? No. Do we let them spur us on and do better? Yeah we do!

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