7 Motivating and Encouraging Quotes by Female Celebrities ...


I definitely enjoy reading quotes by female celebrities and sometimes make them my daily mantras, repeating them whenever I can; especially when I’m doing a mechanical task or when I’m feeling frightened. I might say a quote out loud at the beginning of each day for a week, or write it out on a post-it note and place it on my mirror. Being a woman, I am always on the look out for sayings and quotes that uplift my soul, specifically those that have been written by other women, and in particular quotes by female celebrities!

1. Make a Choice

"Never compromise yourself, it is all you got." I personally love this; it's one of my very favorite quotes by female celebrities, spoken by Janis Joplin, the singer-songwriter from the 1960s that overdosed on heroin. It is a simple saying about choice, but one that I think rings true for a lot of women. Basically, I take it to mean that we should choose to live our own lives, set by our own internal standards, while at the same time, not giving in to others’ wishes or desires. I know it might sound a little bit selfish, but make a choice to live your own life. We are all here to walk our own path. The meaning of life is to find our gift and then the purpose of life is to give that gift away. If we are living out someone else's dreams or desires, then we are not being true to ourselves and our own unique path.

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