7 Life Lessons from Mindy Kaling ...

Thankfully, we are always learning little life lessons from Mindy Kaling. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that she is currently the woman we should all be looking to when it comes to life lessons. Whether you’re looking for something serious, like working hard, or something trivial, like finding your inner warrior, these life lessons from Mindy Kaling will teach you how to live life a little bit more colorfully!

1. You Don’t Need to Be Cool in High School to Be Cool in Real Life

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In fact, Mindy often insinuates the exact opposite to be true. She’s the first to tell high school girls that it’s okay to be quiet and unpopular in high school. She’s even written that she thinks it’s better that way. She has a point; you can’t succeed outside of high school if you’re constantly reliving your glory days of high school! This is personally one of my favorite life lessons from Mindy Kaling!

2. Work Hard to Live Your Dream

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One of my all-time favorite Mindy Kaling quotes is, “When you are literally living your life’s dream, you don’t want to be sleeping. You want to be awake.” Mindy worked hard to get where she is, and now that she’s here, she’s not going to stop working hard. Sure, she gets to live her dream, but she also works incredibly hard.

3. You Can Be Nice and a Professional Woman

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A common trope in movies, but romantic comedies in particular, is the professional woman who has forgotten how to be a nice, functioning member of society. I love that Mindy Kaling openly calls that out, and works to disprove it. You can be professional with a social life, a love life, and a gorgeous wardrobe, and she proves that every week with her character on The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri.

4. Write Your Own Parts

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When Mindy was first starting out, she couldn’t get cast in anything. Rather than feel sorry for herself, she and her best friend wrote a play and cast themselves in it, which went on to launch her career. Whether or not you’re an actress or a writer, I think her advice to “write your own parts” is sound, no matter your career. To me, it’s similar to “faking it until you make it.” Create your opportunities, even if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing just yet!

5. Find Your Inner Warrior

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Something that was supposed to be a throwaway line on one of the first few episodes of The Mindy Project has turned into a movement among Mindy’s fans, encouraging everyone to find her inner warrior. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Mindy Kaling’s character Mindy Lahiri is met with a difficult situation, she’s encouraged to find her inner warrior, and comes up with Beyoncé Pad Thai. What’s your inner warrior’s name?

6. Her Style is Everything

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Whether she’s on screen, off screen, on the red carpet, or simply Instagramming her new sweatshirt, Mindy Kaling’s style should influence your own style. I must say that my style has drastically improved since taking some tips from Mindy Kaling, and I’ve always been pretty stylish. Both Mindy Kaling and Lahiri have drool-worthy style that we all can’t help but wish we could steal!

7. How to Deal with Haters

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Mindy Kaling is the queen of dealing with insults, unfortunately. She’s often subjected to backhanded compliments, whether it’s about her comedy, weight, race, or anywhere in between. However, she doesn’t let it get to her and instead responds with the perfect comebacks!

What have you learned from Mindy Kaling? Let me know your favorite Mindy Kaling life lessons in the comments!

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