21 Things All Ladies Deserve in Life ...


21 Things All Ladies Deserve in Life ...
21 Things All Ladies Deserve in Life ...

Why do we talk ourselves out of something we ought to have, some measure of happiness and joy that we know, on some level, that we deserve? This madness stops now, okay? Let's all agree that there are certain things we all deserve in life, and vow not to ever settle for less.

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hair, clothing, beauty, hairstyle, black hair, Even if someone doesn't agree with your opinion on something, they still ought to respect you as a fellow human being. We all deserve respect!



human action, person, woman, photography, beauty, Catcalls, street harassment, sexual assault, cyberbullying, intimate partner violence - none of these are ever okay, and neither is anything else that makes you feel unsafe. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love Each of us has a basic emotional need to feel loved. Face it: we're all flawed in some (or for me, MANY) ways, but that doesn't mean we're not worthy of love.



Self-respect Those flaws, though, right? It's okay, lovie, everyone has them. It's also okay not to constantly berate yourself for them, and it's fantastic to have a little self-respect.


A Positive Body Image

clothing, swimwear, beauty, girl, vacation, It kills me that I even have to say it, but no matter what your size or shape, you deserve to feel good about your own body. You do. Truly.


A Guilty Pleasure

clothing, pink, spring, pattern, art, Whether it's Supernatural re-runs or cheesecake (or both), we all deserve to have, and occasionally indulge in, a guilty pleasure (or three).



vacation, morning, sea, beach, PHiuu, There's nothing wrong with taking time for yourself, away from everyone else. In fact, it's healthy.


An Interest of Our Own

Naviglio Grande, photograph, clothing, snapshot, road, Just because you're mom, daughter, girlfriend, or wife, that doesn't mean you can't have a hobby or interest all to yourself.


Satisfying Sex

Satisfying Sex I loathe the idea that women are supposed to be demure, not filled with desire. We have urges that need fulfilling, too!


A Rewarding Career

A Rewarding Career If you spend your life doing something you love, it'll never feel like work. Follow your passion and don't settle for a job you hate.


A Living Wage

clothing, glasses, beauty, eyewear, fashion, Listen, if you work 40 hours a week, you ought to be able to afford the basics. Don't let anyone tell you that ought to depend on what you do for a living! Whether you're flipping burgers or fighting fires, you deserve to be able to support yourself if you're willing to work 40 hours. Period.


A Best Friend

hair, clothing, photography, dress, beauty, We all need someone who's there for us, no matter what, and it's also wonderful to be that person for someone else.


To Be Sad Once in a While

clothing, blue, lady, winter, girl, Despite what random creepy guys on the street say, you don't have to have a smile on your face all the time. It's okay to be sad once in a while.


To Be Silent

To Be Silent It's also okay to just be silent. You don't owe anyone your opinion, or a retelling of your experiences, an explanation, or anything at all really.


To Have an Opinion

person, sitting, human positions, photography, girl, It's also okay to have an opinion, even on the internet! Sure, you may catch hell from a mansplaining neanderthal on Reddit who can't stand the idea that you, a woman, dare have an opinion on something, but yes, you are entitled to one.


To Be a Tomboy or a Princess

clothing, pink, beauty, skin, photo shoot, You know what makes a woman a "real" woman? It's not curves or makeup or anything like that. It's believing you are a woman, no matter what anyone else says. Play hockey! Wear a dress every day! Refuse to shave your body hair! You're still a woman.


To Treat Yourself

To Treat Yourself You don't need to rationalize being good to yourself, and that includes the occasional treat.


To Spend Money

color, road, clothing, snapshot, street, Listen, if you earned it, either at your own job or because you're part of a partnership in which you earned it in the home, you can spend that money how ever you choose. Groceries? Sure! New shoes? Okay! I mean, priorities, but you get the idea.


To Have or Not Have Children

person, woman, clothing, child, wedding dress, This is your choice, and no one else's. You deserve to choose whichever path is right for you, parenthood or no.


To Keep or Delete Your Fam

clothing, dress, girl, beauty, brown hair, Don't ever feel guilty or cutting a hater out of your life, even if you happen to share their DNA.


A Second Chance

A Second Chance If you're willing to give a second chance, you ought to also receive a second chance if and when you make a mistake. Think of it as re-branding.

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Well written ! Thank you very much!

Wow love this article it’s so good. Yes us women deserve good stuff and we deserve a break

@Saini Ammy hello

I have gained weight and I feel so deflated. I have a job that I am not happy in. Long story short I just feel useless.

Love it ☺️😚❤️.

Second Greatest post I ever came across. Excellent thoughts and Very well written too

100% agree


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