7 Inspirational Black Women Who Changed History ...

Women are amazing and among them are some incredible black women who changed history. Without some of the inspirational women of the past and present, the world would be a very different (and much bleaker) place. But enough is not said about inspirational women in the discussion of key historical figures, and black women especially rarely get a look in, so here are 7 inspirational black women who changed history!

1. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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This is one of the inspirational black women who changed history who is still changing history today. She is a Liberian politician and economist who studied at Harvard University and became the Minister of Finance in Liberia, despite the fact she had a husband unable to accept her career. In 2005, she then became (and is still) the President of Liberia, being the first female president of an African state. She received the Nobel Peace Prize with two other women in 2011 for their pacifist commitment to gender equality.

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