7 Important Reasons to Make Your Own Dream Board ...


7 Important Reasons to Make Your Own Dream Board ...
7 Important Reasons to Make Your Own Dream Board ...

Until I was 27 years old, I had never even heard of a dream board, much less had a reason to make one. Then, a counselor I was seeing at the time asked me to make one. I participated, though I wasn’t too thrilled about it to be honest. Sure, I’m very creative, but I didn’t see how making a craft such as a dream board could really help me. After all, I knew what my dreams were, so why did putting them into a nice display really help them come true? I learned that as I clipped magazine images, sayings, and even created my own drawings on my dream board, that it actually wasn’t such a bad idea or a waste of time after all. A dream board is simple to make. All you do is get a large piece of cardboard or poster board, and cut out different images, sayings, and such that speak to you from magazines, books, etc. You can print images online if you want to, or create drawings yourself. Put on your favorite music for a couple hours and make a dream board. What you’ll see is that there are quite a few reasons to make one, and I’m going to tell you exactly what they are!

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Helps You Define Your Dreams

I thought when I first started making my dream board that I knew what my dreams were: to be a writer and move to New York. Yet, what I learned was there was more to it than that. As I found images, inspiring quotes, and other special tidbits through magazines, some of my favorite newspapers, and my personal journals I used, I discovered that I didn’t only want to be a writer, but be a writer for women’s issues. I found myself drawn to the nonfiction articles in magazines and newspapers, and I’ve always loved biographies. This led me to be able to define exactly what I wanted to do with a writing career, not just have one. I also learned that I didn’t just want to move to New York, but that I wanted to move to areas with various cultural backgrounds and aspects, such as the neighborhood Soho or even to parts of Brooklyn, which offer a more cultural experience than areas like Wall Street do. Making a dream board helps you pinpoint parts of your dream you might not be aware of, all just by finding what you’re drawn to in what you choose to put on it.


Silences Your Critics

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re creating a dream board, and hard to be critical of yourself. Why? Because making a dream board pulls a child like spirit out of you, which almost all creative activities do. You’re less prone to think about why you can’t, and start dreaming about the day you can.


It Engages Your Spirit

Making a dream board is much like writing a memoir, doing spiritual yoga or meditation, or taking a nature walk alone. It awakens and engages your spirit, and is one of the best types of natural treatment for depression I’d recommend. You’ll tap into your most inner self when making a dream board, and it’s really fun in the process, no matter your age.


It Gives You a Visual

Obviously, the point of making a dreamboard is to give you a visual of the life you want, so that you can have a daily reminder of what you want to achieve. This keeps you lighthearted, inspired, and upbeat to stay motivated. Hang it somewhere special, so you’ll be sure to see it!


It Shows off Your Skills

Let me just tell you like it is: I’m not an artist, to put it mildly, or at least I’m not a drawing artist. Yet, I’m a completely different type of artist, because as I looked at my dream board when I was finished, I saw that my colors were well coordinated, and all my quotes and writing pieces fit perfectly with the images I selected. Everything flowed, I guess you could say. This showed me that although I might not be the best painter or drawing artist, I still have skills I didn’t even know existed. When you sit down to make your dream board, don’t think, just create. At the end, I feel sure you’ll be quite pleased with what you see!


It Inspires Change

The point of a dream board isn’t just to make some sentimental drawing you hang up and forget about. In fact, the point is to inspire you to make changes, either big or small, to pursue your dreams. For me, I couldn’t ignore the quotes, inspirational articles, and daily reminders I saw that showed me I truly wanted to take steps to make things happen. By my dreams constantly being on my mind, I naturally started researching each of their areas, because I couldn’t stop being inspired to make them happen. Trust me, seeing your dream board everyday isn’t just like looking at your artwork on the fridge as a kid. It will inspire you- just wait and see!


It Gives You a Rebirth

Lastly, sometimes we all need to make a dream board to get out of our daily ruts we all often face. With work, possibly children, or financial responsibilities, it can get depressing to think about what we haven’t achieved yet. That’s not the point of a dream board though. The point of a dream board is to give you a rebirth. It’s a fresh chance to look at your dreams in a new way. Sometimes, we all need a little fresh perspective on things, even if that means it comes in the form of an art project!

If you’re not sure how to make a dream board, check out these sources below. Have you ever made a dream board? How did it help you?

Sources: oprah.com, alwaysorderdessert.com

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