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7 Reasons to Follow Your Dreams No Matter What ...

By Rosalina

Many of us have dreams and some choose to follow them whilst others allow them to fade into the distance as life takes hold, but there are many reasons to follow your dreams no matter what. Do you remember when you were little and you would daydream about things and everything seemed possible? Trying to regain that child-like optimism can be difficult as the realities of life take hold but there are some important reasons to follow your dreams that I would like to share.

1 Good to Have a Goal

One of the reasons to follow your dreams is it's good to have a goal and something to work towards in life. Whether it's to write and publish that best-selling book, become a doctor who saves lives or be a Grammy Award winning musician, having that goal to work towards is important to keep you focused and driven through life.

2 It's Never Too Late

Always remember that it's never too late to achieve that dream and dreams have no age limit or sell by date. Also remember that 'overnight successes' never actually happened overnight. It often took years and years of preparation and there are many examples of successful people who achieved their goals later in life. Andrea Bocelli didn't start singing opera until he was 34 and author Mary Wesley was 71 when her first book was published. For them, it happened when the time was right, so if it hasn't happened to you yet remember, it will, it's just not your time yet!

3 Dreams Can Come True

Never let people say that your dreams are futile or that they'll never happen. That's just not true. Dreams can and will come true if you persevere and work towards them. As Thomas Jefferson said, "I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work the more I have of it". Use peoples' cynicism to spur you on even more and prove them wrong.

4 The Journey Not the Destination

Of course, achieving that dream is important but sometimes you learn so much more on your journey towards achieving that dream. There are so many people you will meet on the way and so many experiences that you will have that will make it all worth while.

5 Without Dreams What is There?

If we don't have dreams and aspirations, what else is there? They're ultimately what keeps us going through life and are our great motivators. Our dreams are the things that keep us getting up in the morning and generally give us the impetus to keep on keeping on. Our dreams help us to carry on through life so having a focus can help us to stay positive when the going gets tough too.

6 Helping Others

Having a dream and a goal can really help us to help others too. Having something you believe in and are passionate about can help to motivate others to achieve their goals and dreams. If you're happy and motivated to achieve your own goals then you're more likely to motivate others to achieve theirs because you know how important it is.

7 It's Why We're Here

Finally, I know this sounds a bit morbid and I don't mean it to but we're here for but a short while and it's important to make our brief time here count. Having goals and dreams we can work towards is ultimately why we're here, so dream big guys!

These are just a few of the reasons it's important to follow your dreams. What tips do you have for those who are in pursuit of their goals and dreams?


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