7 Important Causes of Prejudice You Should Know about ...


Knowing the cause of something is always useful when trying to make a change; because prejudice is something many people struggle with, knowing the causes of prejudice may help put things into perspective, which may help change our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Prejudice is a negative ATTITUDE toward individuals solely based on a group to which they belong; those groups being ethnic, religious, or even social. Many people get prejudice confused with discrimination. Discrimination is a negative ACTION toward a group, usually denying its members equality. Now that you know the difference between the two, keep reading to find out 7 important causes of prejudice you should also know!

1. Prejudice is Acceptable

One of the most important causes of prejudice is the fact that it’s acceptable in many neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions. To many of us, prejudice is unacceptable; it’s not fair. However, in some places, it’s a norm, maybe even an unwritten rule. Throughout history, people have had negative attitudes toward people of other groups, especially ethnic, social, or religious minority groups, and unfortunately some people aren’t aware of those prejudices. Because they’re not aware, they don’t realize when they say things that reflect their attitudes, such as “why are you hanging out with them?” in a disgusted tone. The attitudes then continue from generation to generation and don’t stop until people make themselves aware and decide to change.

Scapegoats Are Available
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