Tips from Oprah 😎 on Turning Things around ↩️ for Girls Ready to Throw in the Towel πŸ˜” ...

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most recognizable female faces in the world. She is hugely successful and let's be honest, filthy rich. But this is a driven, focused lady who has worked and earned her success. It hasn't all been plain sailing and Oprah has led a life with many ups but many downs. We can learn a lot from this incredible role model on how we can still have a successful life despite obstacles.

1. Gain from Pain

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Oprah had a terrible start in life if we are to believe the stories. Maybe this is one of her quotes that we may take as a fact, since she seems to have turned her wounds into wisdom. Another apt saying is that we learn from our mistakes. It has a similar theme to her saying. We should learn from experience, even if those experiences are bad ones.

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