19 Everyday Things to Love about Being a Woman ...


19 Everyday Things to Love about Being a Woman ...
19 Everyday Things to Love about Being a Woman ...

Women are magical creatures, not because we are perfect but because we are who we are. Every woman in the world is uniquely special and stunningly beautiful. Sometimes it's easy to forget how awesome we are because we are constantly faced with critiques and judgmental opinions designed to steal that confidence from us. Don't let that happen. Every day, love one thing about yourself – just one. Soon, you'll find more and more things to adore about being a woman. Here's a start.

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How Well You Listen to Other People

How Well You Listen to Other People No, but seriously. As women, we might miss something when we're busy, multitasking, or admittedly not that interested in the conversation, but when someone you love, respect, or care for needs you, you're right there with a willing ear and an open heart.


Even when You Have an Ego, You Know How to Check It

Even when You Have an Ego, You Know How to Check It There's a time and a place, after all.


Having self-confidence is fabulous, and feeling proud of your accomplishments is justified, but sometimes that inner voice that whispers sweet affirmations of superiority needs a gentle nudge back into its corner. Balancing assertiveness with humility is an art form, one that you've likely mastered. Whether you're bossing it in a boardroom or accepting constructive criticism, you've got the knack for shining brightly without blinding others with your brilliance. Acknowledging that nobody's perfect is both humbling and empowering, the perfect cocktail for growth and connecting with those around you.


We Are Masters of Multitasking

We Are Masters of Multitasking My shower routine is proof of this all by itself.


In the steaming embrace of the shower, we are unstoppable: shampooing while conditioning, humming the latest tune, and planning our outfit for the day. It's our own private concert and strategy session rolled into one. Outside the bathroom, this translates to texting with one hand, sipping coffee with the other, and mentally revising a to-do list. That's right, whether it's juggling work and wellness, or friends and family, we handle it with flair. It's the multitasking finesse that keeps our world spinning gracefully on its heels.


Our Communication Skills Are Second to None

Our Communication Skills Are Second to None Sometimes we are passive aggressive and sometimes we are direct, but one way or another, we will always communicate our feelings. Always.


Our Wardrobes Are Amazing

Our Wardrobes Are Amazing Even if your closet consists of a pair of jeans, three tee shirts, and a denim jacket, it is awesome. Why? Because those are your clothes and you know how to rock them like nobody's business.


We Can Have Multiple Orgasms

We Can Have Multiple Orgasms Winning!


Unlike our male counterparts who generally need a recovery period, we ladies have the fabulous capacity to experience back-to-back highs in rapid succession. That's right—the fun doesn't have to stop at just one climax. This superpower gives us a chance to bask in prolonged pleasure, making intimate moments even more satisfying. So, whether you're flying solo or with a partner, feel free to embrace this incredible aspect of feminine sexuality. After all, why settle for a single firework when you can enjoy the entire show?


Our Sexual Peak is Next-level

Our Sexual Peak is Next-level Really, though, are we ever not at our sexual peak? I think your peak is what you make of it, myself.


But let's be frank, there is something truly magnetic about embracing and owning our sexual prowess. Our confidence in the bedroom reflects our self-love and comfort in our own skin. The beauty lies in the individuality of our desires and the way we communicate them. It's like a dance, and each step we learn only adds to the repertoire of our sensual rhythms. Embrace this energy ladies, because when we hit our stride, our sexual peak becomes less about reaching a singular pinnacle and more about enjoying the continuous climb.


We Have so Many Opportunities for Amazing Hairstyles

We Have so Many Opportunities for Amazing Hairstyles Thankfully, however, our world is becoming such an open space that guys, too, can rock some beachy waves or brightly colored streaks. And that is awesome.


We Know How to Own Our Feelings

beauty, fashion, Feelings, many, feelings, Maybe we can't always deal with them, but we will own them.


We're Experts at Handling Stress

We're Experts at Handling Stress Lol, jk.


We Can Reinvent Ourselves Whenever We like

We Can Reinvent Ourselves Whenever We like We can be anything. Anything at all.


Our Bodies Are Awe-inspiring

Our Bodies Are Awe-inspiring We are beautiful creatures, capable of creating and nurturing life. We are everything.


The Feeling of a Smoothly Shaved Leg

The Feeling of a Smoothly Shaved Leg If shaving is your thing, you know how this feels.



Boobs Breasts make people lose their minds. I mean, seriously. They have the power to make people go insane. Go read the comments on an article about breastfeeding and you'll see what I mean. Also, sorry, I'm a lesbian, I like breasts.


Girl Talk

Girl Talk It gets weird sometimes, but it's so wonderful.


Being Weird in Private

Being Weird in Private Dancing around naked. Singing songs to our dogs when no one's home. Giggling at our own farts.


The Beauty of Female Friendship

The Beauty of Female Friendship Nothing like it, man. Nothing like it.


Our Profound Emotional Intelligence

Our Profound Emotional Intelligence We're incredible that way.


We're Confident

We're Confident And if you're not confident, you should be – because you are beautiful, wonderful, stupendous, miraculous. Every single one of you.

What's your favorite thing about your own personal womanhood?

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No not better than "boys", but definitely their equal.

Haha @Courtney i agree with all the expectations that is demanded of us it ain't half bad being a female it is fun and we should celebrate it more! Yippee!!!

*SiGhS* I love being a female 😇

I am proud to be a woman ;)

Of course it isn't right to say girls are better than boys, but I do love being a girl :)

My favourite part is having two hearts beating inside of you🙂👩🏽👧🏽👦🏼

Does anyone know what movie #13 is???

:) ♡ love it ...

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