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How to Survive the Days when You Hate Your Body ...

By Neecey

You look at your body and cringe. You know that feeling, right? You know your flaws and you live with them, but some days, well, you just can’t. The flaws are magnified in your mind and you just know it’s going to affect everything you do today. But you can’t let it. You need to see past the hate and get on with your day.

1 Look in the Mirror

Look in the Mirror On days you hate your body, it’s always a good idea to actually spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror. Most of the problems that we have with our bodies are way more psychological than physical, and by forcing yourself to really look at yourself for an extended period of time, you will begin to see that your mind loves to play tricks on your with regards to how you look. Trust me when I say that you are beautiful, no matter what you might think in your darkest moments.

2 Share Your Feelings

Share Your Feelings One of the worst things you can do is to keep your feelings of body negativity within yourself. This will only help them to grow and make you feel even worse about yourself. If you are feeling down about the way you look, share these feelings with friends and family and through their supportive comments you will hopefully start to see yourself in a different, more positive light.

3 Record Your Feelings

Record Your Feelings Keeping a journal about how you feel about your body can be really helpful, both in terms of venting stress in creative way and for keeping track of your worst days to see if a pattern develops. Many women have found that they feel much worse about their bodies in the days leading up to their periods, and this is because our hormones are running wild and sending us on an emotional rollercoaster!

4 Do Some Reading

Do Some Reading There are so many different books out there, both fiction and non-fiction, that you can read to help you through those periods when you are really dissatisfied with your body. Reading these books can help you see that you are not the only one that hates their tummy or their arms or their boobs. There is a certain solace to be found in realizing that these issues are universal and you are not alone.

5 Go for a Walk

Go for a Walk Walking is one of the greatest and most underrated activities a person can do. If you are feeling particularly down about your body one day, then grab your headphones and head out for a long stroll. Not only will you be getting a little bit of mood boosting exercise, but the walk will give you an opportunity to clear your head and hopefully be able to look at things in a more positive, less daunting light.

6 Take a Nap

Take a Nap There is a direct correlation between feelings of exhaustion and feelings of body dissatisfaction. The more tired you are, the less positive you become, so take a nap and wake up with a much fresher and positive attitude, both about the way you look and life in general!

7 Find Comfort Online

Find Comfort Online If you want to find some comfort and reassurance about your body, then places like YouTube are great for finding inspirational and positive thinking people who can help you get through a tough period. It really can be like going to a therapist, but without the huge bill at the end of the session!

C’mon! You know you’re gorgeous. So you’re not perfect but who is?

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