Expert Tips πŸ“– to Finding Yourself πŸ” after a Loss πŸ’” ...


You never think about tips for getting over a loss until you actually need them. Nothing really prepares you for the loss of a loved one. Whether you know the end is near or it is a total surprise, it still hits you with the force of a hurricane. We know death is a part of living, but we rarely think about it – and why should we. We live to be happy, not to foresee when things come to an end. There’s nothing that can really ease the pain, but there are things you can do to help you recover and move on after a loss.

1. Allow Grief

A good idea for how to bounce back after a loss is to allow yourself time to grieve. Grieving is a natural instinct and process to go through after a big loss, and denying yourself this stage is only going to make for a stunted reaction later on. Grieving is cathartic; wallowing in your sadness for a while can help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Be Motivated
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