How to Feel Worthy of Good Things in Life for Women Struggling to Accept Themselves ...

By Jennifer

How to Feel Worthy  of Good Things in Life  for Women Struggling to Accept Themselves  ...

Why is it so hard to accept that we're worthy of the good things we've earned, the good things we've worked hard for, the good things that happen to come our way? It's not right, but we can't help ourselves sometimes, can we? It's okay, though, because we can work on this, and learn to accept what we've worked so hard to achieve, and here's how.

1 Celebrate the Success of Others

Acknowledging and accepting success is a good habit, one you can learn by celebrating the accomplishments of your friends. When someone in your squad wins, make a big deal of it!

2 Set Small Goals

If you find it difficult to embrace the big successes in your life, set small goals and make a smaller fuss about reaching them. It's excellent practice for celebrating bigger achievements.

3 Say It out Loud

Believe it or not, there's something to looking in the mirror every morning and saying proud, positive things to yourself. Don't think this can possibly be true? It is. Try it!

4 Surround Yourself

Is your squad basically your cheer team? If you're not sure they are, then maybe you need a new squad, because really, that's the best thing they can do for you: cheer you on, and cheer loudest when you win.

5 Keep Track

Sometimes we forget how far we've come, how hard we've worked to reach a particular goal. Keep a journal (or use an app) to track each step along the way, so you can look back and confirm that yes, you DO deserve to do a happy dance.

6 Ban Negativity

If nothing else, promise yourself you won't say anything negative about the good thing you've earned or that's happened. Don't discount your hard work, your dedication, the good karma you've stored up.

7 Partner up

Some goals are sweeter when they're reached with someone else, a success partner. Find a running buddy to do that marathon with you, get to a healthy body weight with your sister, learn a new language with a friend: when you get there, it'll be easier to celebrate together!

8 Reward Yourself

You know what works for me? Rather than making a fuss, I'm more comfortable celebrating reaching a goal by choosing a tangible reward. Protip: it's best if this reward isn't food.

9 Keep It Going

Remember when I mentioned setting smaller goals? This goes hand in hand with that: once you've celebrated reaching one of those smaller goals, keep going!

10 Pay It Forward

It's one thing to make a fuss when one of your squad wins, but how about helping a total stranger celebrate? When you see a new story about a success, send a note of congratulations. When a friend of a friend posts something on Facebook, send a positive PM. Again, it's going to help you set the good habit of accepting the good things that come your way.

11 Find a Role Model

Whatever you're trying to do, whatever goal you're trying to reach, find someone who came before you, and make them your role model. It will help so much to see someone else's struggle and payoff... and to see someone else graciously accept their win.

12 Be Present

Sometimes when a success goes by uncelebrated, or a good thing goes unrecognized, it's because we weren't paying attention, or were too distracted or busy to mark it. Try to be present!

13 Be Obnoxious

You know what? Just once, celebrate a good thing by being obnoxiously, ridiculously buoyant about it. Whoop! Cheer! Holler! It might be fun!

14 Find What Works for You

Okay, so maybe being obnoxious and loud isn't the way you like to celebrate... so what is? Try a few different things and see what works for you — small, quiet prayer of thanks? A little gift from you to you? — and make it a new, healthy habit.

15 Keep Practicing

This "accepting good thing and celebrating your successes" thing isn't easy, and it'll take a lot of practice before it's natural. So keep practicing!

Do you think you'll be able to accept and maybe even celebrate your successes now? Which of these tips do you think you'll find most helpful, and do you have any other ideas to share?

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