It Takes Only 10 Minutes to Clear Your Mental Clutter ...


It Takes Only 10 Minutes to Clear Your Mental Clutter ...
It Takes Only 10 Minutes to Clear Your Mental Clutter ...

You have probably seen a million different articles across the internet before giving you tips about how to declutter your living space or your office space, but I am very much of the opinion that if you don’t sort your emotions and feelings out before all of that, then no amount of physical cleanliness is going to be able to make a real difference! It takes only 10 minutes to clear your mental clutter from your mind, and it is really worth the time. Here are some tips on how to do it!

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Take a Screen Break

Take some time away from your laptop and your phone screens. You can get way too overloaded with information sometimes that the only thing to do is switch off and move away from the connected internet world.


Mini Workout

You don’t have to head to the gym for an hour-long workout to feel the benefits. Take ten minutes and just do some heavy cardio like jumping jacks and squats on the spot, or power walk a few laps around your neighbourhood. You will absolutely feel the endorphin rush just from such a short intensive spell.



If your boo is nearby, then seek them out for a few minutes. When you are in their embrace you shouldn’t be thinking about anything else other than how nice it feels to be close and intimate with someone that you love.



Multiple studies over the years have shown that chocolate can have wonderful restorative and therapeutic powers in the right amount. Treat yourself to a square or two of your favourite candy and just sit back and luxuriate in the sugary taste for ten minutes, it can act as a really effective reset button.


Get outside

Take ten minutes from whatever you are doing and get outside. Being outdoors, hearing nature and having the sun warm your face can be massively restorative. Anyone who works all day in an office should be making the effort to get outside for these little mini breaks as often as they can.


Brain Dump

Do a physical activity of getting all of your thoughts out of your head by spending ten minutes writing them down on a piece of paper, mind map style. Sometimes all it takes to ease your turning cogs is actually noting down your thoughts so that you are able to move on from them and on to something else.

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