Smart Girl's Guide to Being Completely Fierce and Untameable ...


Smart Girl's Guide to Being Completely Fierce and Untameable  ...
Smart Girl's Guide to Being Completely Fierce and Untameable  ...

It’s ok to dream but it’s much better to grip your life in both hands and take control. You can leave your life to the fickleness of fate or you can try to guide destiny in the direction you really want. Don’t think you can’t do this! You are a woman with self vision and drive. Here are the qualities of a fabulous and untameable woman. You can hear me roar!

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Untameable Women Create Their Own Destiny

Untameable Women Create Their Own Destiny They don’t depend on others to direct their paths or lead them into the future, they create their own way. They have so many things they want to do in this world that she has no time to relax. She knows what she wants and her desires are seldom singular; she wants a lot and she’s not apologetic about it. Other people try to convince her that being in a relationship is the only way to fulfillment, but she knows better. Working towards her desires brings her much more satisfaction.


These fiery spirits blaze trails wherever they roam – societal expectations be damned. Their ambition is limitless, and boundaries are merely a challenge. They know all too well that naysayers are merely background noise on their journey to brilliance. Fearless in the face of obstacles, they seek adventures and experiences that feed their innermost passions. The conventional path? Merely a suggestion. They leap towards their goals with a ferocious grace, and the very essence of what it means to live on their own terms.


Untameable Women Don’t Need You Money

Untameable Women Don’t Need You Money Some women can be bought by rich men who shower them with jewels, expensive clothing, and luxury items. Untamable women aren’t impressed by this, and if they want that lifestyle, they’ll buy it themselves. She values her independence and freedom is her ultimate goal. She has no price tag, she isn’t motivated by money and no dollar amount can make her do what you want. She simply can’t be bought.


For these fierce women, independence is not just about financial autonomy. It's about making choices that reflect their core values and aspirations. They embrace their personal journeys, often stepping off the beaten path to forge their own. Their self-worth is measured by their achievements, character, and the love they give, not by the size of their bank account or the gifts they receive. The thought of leveraging their heart's desires for material gain is anathema to them; their freedom is the only passport they recognize, and they travel through life answering to no one but themselves.


Untameable Women Aren’t Brought down by Pressure

Untameable Women Aren’t Brought down by Pressure You can put this woman under tons of pressure and she’ll thrive. Heap your piles on her and she’ll just shake it off. She flourishes in the beehive and produces awesome work despite the distractions. She likes difficult tasks and has no problem reaching what may seem like impossible goals. Challenges like these burn like fire inside her, even though they bring more tame women to tears.


She possesses a resilience that is as unyielding as it is inspiring. Like diamonds formed under extreme duress, her capability sparkles brightest when the heat is on. Tell her that she can't, and she'll show you a hundred ways that she can. Crumbling under pressure is simply not in her nature — instead, she rises, undaunted and emboldened. This woman transforms every obstacle into a stepping stone, leaping towards her dreams with a fierce grace that's all her own. She's not just playing the game; she's changing it, with every triumphant step.


Untameable Women Are Cool as Cucumbers but Still Emotional

Untameable Women Are Cool as Cucumbers but Still Emotional Don’t ever say “calm down” to this woman. The untamable woman will never calm down, she’s aimed to act. She is active, emotional, and stops for nothing. She views life as a thing to be appreciated for its moments, and anything she can do to make the most of those moments makes her happy. She is driven by the emotional need to make every moment count.


She thrives on spontaneity and laughter – her spirit simply can't be bottled. With a heart worn proudly on her sleeve, her emotional depth is a wellspring of strength rather than a weakness. Life's too short for regrets, she argues, seizing opportunities with both hands. To her, being emotional doesn't mean being out of control; it's about being unapologetically authentic. She's the flame that not just flickers but dances wildly, illuminating the dark and warming the hearts of those who dare to keep pace.


The Untameable Woman Always Feels at Home

The Untameable Woman Always Feels at Home She may or may not have a place she calls home, but she’s peaceful and calm no matter where she finds herself. And that could be anywhere in the world. She might live in a house but she doesn’t need one. She might even have homes in more than one area. She never really feels like she’s out of place, whether it’s in the big city or on a lonely country road.


Her spirit roams free with a zest for life that fuels her wanderlust. Adventures beckon, and she answers with enthusiasm, finding solace in the unknown. Borders and boundaries are mere suggestions to her eager soul, which thrives on discovery and experience. Her heart beats in harmony with the world's pulse, and she carves her place within it with graceful assurance. Fearless and unapologetically genuine, she is a wildflower blooming in every environment, an inspiration to those who aspire to break free from convention and truly live.


The Word No is Powerful Motivation for Untameable Women

The Word No is Powerful Motivation for Untameable Women It’s not that they don’t understand the meaning; it’s the way they react to it. If you even have the nerve to tell this woman No at all, the only thing she hears is “dare you”. She doesn’t like to accept refusal, and she’s challenged to overcome refusals anytime she hears one, often getting what she wants in the long run.


Untameable Women Can Be Very Stubborn

Untameable Women Can Be Very Stubborn This kind of woman can’t be owned. There’s no way another person could keep up with their level of energy anyway. Not only is she stubborn but she’s very assertive, and people find it difficult to say no to her. Unfortunately, she can sometimes be surrounded by “yes” men or women. She often prefers to have no relationship at all instead of being in one that puts any kind of limitation on her.


She radiates confidence and has a fierce independence that won't be subdued. Her determination is like a fire that refuses to be extinguished; she carves out her own path and sets her own rules. Her stubborn streak means she isn't easily influenced by others' opinions, making her unapologetically original. However, this can lead to challenges when compromise is necessary, as she may struggle to find middle ground. But for her, it's a small price to pay to maintain her autonomy and live life on her own terms.


Untameable Women Are Always in Motion

Untameable Women Are Always in Motion This isn’t the kind of woman you find sleeping in late, eating bon bons or watching TV for hours on end. There’s no way you can make her just sit down and listen. If she listens at all, she’ll be walking around or fidgeting, she simply can’t stay still for that long. Her to-do list is long and she has no time for taking breaks or for nonsense, she needs to keep moving because life is way too short.


She's a whirlwind of ideas, dreams, and objectives, forging her path boldly. You might find her at the crack of dawn, lacing up her running shoes, or past midnight, scribbling down plans for her next adventure. Time-wasters need not apply; she has goals that stretch beyond the horizon. From the boardroom to the yoga studio, her presence is a force of unwavering determination and inspiring energy. For her, stillness is not an option - life is an endless dance and she is its indefatigable choreographer.


Untameable Women Won’t Be Controlled

Untameable Women Won’t Be Controlled There is nothing you can use to hold this woman hostage to your desires. While some women wait for their partners to tell them the best way to go about things, don’t expect that from this woman. She doesn’t need anyone’s approval and she doesn’t need to be told how to do something correctly. Any attempt to control her may be met with anything from an icy stare to a bout of laughter as she ponders how ridiculous you’re being.


She is the master of her own universe, steering her life with a fierce independence that leaves no room for unsolicited guidance. Expect her to follow her own compass, boldly charting her path with a confidence that can be both inspiring and intimidating. Her decisions are hers alone to make, and she takes pride in the challenges she overcomes without a safety net. With every triumph of her will, she reinforces the message that her spirit is not for taming—it's for celebrating.


Untameable Women Hate Routine

Untameable Women Hate Routine She’s not the kind of women that could go to the same job every day, living in a cubicle and doing the same routine things. For her to stay, her job would need to take her to new and interesting places or have interesting projects that challenge her mind. She likely owns her own business, but if not, she’ll have a great deal of maneuverability in her employment.


The Untameable Women Will Answer Your Questions Truthfully

The Untameable Women Will Answer Your Questions Truthfully She has no need for pretense and doesn’t crumble if you don’t agree. There is no motivation for anything but honesty. Feel free to ask her whatever you want, but don’t have any expectations that she’ll try to soften her reply. She would rather hurt you with the truth than deceive you with a lie, and she fully expects the same from you.


The unapologetic rawness of this woman makes her presence formidable. In a world where sugar-coating is the norm, she stands boldly in her authenticity. Interacting with her, expect nothing less than pure, unvarnished reality. Her integrity is more significant than your comfort, and she's not here to coddle sensibilities. She'll hold a mirror to your soul with her words, expecting you to embrace the reflection with the same frontal honesty. Embrace the challenge; it’s a rare opportunity for growth.


Even Her Chaos Can’t Be Tamed

Even Her Chaos Can’t Be Tamed Her chaos is not an accident; she creates it on purpose. She doesn’t want things in her life to be in order. You may look at her chaos and think, “what a mess,” but that neither creates any need in her to become more organized nor does it hurt her feelings or cause her any embarrassment. Many women would go crazy with such a chaotic lifestyle, but she enjoys it and is even motivated by it.


She thrives amidst disarray, for her creative soul ignites in the whirl of the unstructured. To the conventional eye, her methods may seem erratic, yet they are the very essence of her productivity and innovation. It’s in this pandemonium that her ideas take flight, wild and unfettered. Others may yearn for tranquility and predictability, but she finds her rhythm in the pulsating heart of her creative maelstrom. It’s not for everyone, but for her, it’s the oxygen fueling her fierce and untameable spirit.


Her Schedule Can’t Be Tamed Either

Her Schedule Can’t Be Tamed Either These women don’t live and die by the schedule. She might be planning to go to the gym on the way home, but if something more interesting comes up, she’ll do that instead. Dinnertime is when she gets hungry. Bedtime is when she gets tired. She acts on the spur of the moment, and you won’t ever convince her that being a slave to the clock or calendar is in her best interest.


Living according to her own rules means she thrives on flexibility and spontaneity. A last-minute concert or an impromptu road trip? She's all in. Her time is her own, and she follows her whims as they come. You're more likely to find her chasing a sunrise than chasing a rigid morning routine. She's unstoppable, unscriptable, and utterly unpredictable—traits that make her absolutely magnetic. Her life is a series of adventures dictated by passion, not punctuality.


Untameable Women Don’t Keep Quiet

Untameable Women Don’t Keep Quiet If she has something to say, she certainly will say it. If she feels like someone is doing something wrong, she has no qualms about saying something. You’ll never be able to silence her, and she doesn’t much care if her words bother you. She knows she is speaking from a base of intelligence and wisdom and is confident in her words and feels they need to be heard. If you don’t want to hear her opinion, walk away, because you’ll never keep her quiet.


She owns her voice in every situation, unapologetically standing her ground. Her convictions aren't just for show—they're a profound expression of who she is. She weaves strength and compassion into her dialogue, leaving a mark on every conversation. Challenge her, and she'll rise with eloquence and fire, transforming dissent into the raw material for her next discourse. You won’t find her shouting into the void—her audience listens, often compelled by the sheer force of her authenticity. Silence isn’t in her vocabulary, and neither is backing down.


She’s Untameable Because She Loves Her Freedom

She’s Untameable Because She Loves Her Freedom In fact, it’ the most precious thing she desires. Sometimes having a partner is the opposite of freedom, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. This woman is looking to rise in love, not fall in love-she needs someone to support and expand on her freedom. She wants to be challenged and pushed in a direction where she can grow and not get stale. It takes a confident person to fill that role.

Don’t be part of the backdrop of life. Aim for center stage and the spotlight. Reach for your dreams. Control your destiny. Be fabulous and untameable.

Are you ready to take control of your life?

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Its good to know its not just me and that there are so many untameable out there that someones cared enough to write about it!! Not like anything wud stop me ever! ;-)

BMW am

Every thing in your post is correspondent to my entire being! 💯

I swear I've never read something I felt myself so precisely described 😮 sometimes I thought something is wrong with me cuz all the others are so different but this quite motivated me to appreciate who I am :))

Being this way is amazing, until you want a partner and every guy you talk to bores you or traps you lol.

I am untamable!!❤️😁😎💪🏽👏🏽 every single thing on this list applies to me 👑💯😬

❤️this!! Spot on!! Xx

Wauw I wish I was more like that. Sounds like the perfect women...

This is beautiful! Thank you.

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