How Can You Cultivate Mental Toughness?


Mental toughness is important if we're going to survive in the modern world and there are some ways to cultivate mental toughness that I would like to share. If you're struggling to cope with things in your life and feel as though you need to develop a little resilience, here are some ways to cultivate a little mental toughness and thrive.

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Mental toughness or grit, is something which is essential if we are to achieve our goals. It means that we need to be patient. It doesn't mean we need to roll over and passively accept things but it does mean that we need to be safe in the knowledge that things will come in good time if we work hard for them.



Having a positive mental attitude is essential if you're going to cultivate a mentally tough mind. The mind is a powerful tool and if you think positively you have the power to achieve great things. Don't listen to the inner critic who might try and tell you you're wasting your time. Stay strong and positive.



This is one of the the most important words for those who are keen to cultivate a mind which is mentally tough. Having a tenacious attitude means not listening to the criticism and more importantly, not paying attention to the praise. Both can be poisonous. Just keep going. If you slip up, so what, just get back up and try again. If you make a fool of yourself, who cares? Just dust yourself off and use the laughter to propel you into action.



Find some mantras and affirmations which you know will keep you going. Keep these mantras with you and maybe put them up around your house as reminders to just keep going, even when you don't feel like it. Eventually, they will become part of you and you will see them when you close your eyes.



Focus is important. The mentally tough are super focused and driven in life. Think about your mind as a satellite navigation system. You have put the destination in and you know where you're going, you just need to listen to the directions. There may me travel up-dates and warnings about speed cameras along the way but if you stay focused you will see that it's taking you to your destination. Whatever you do, don't lose focus by pulling over for a latte on the way!



The mentally tough create habits and these are good habits. These habits become part of you and who you are. Working out becomes a habit. Getting up to meditate becomes a habit. Eating healthily and thinking positively all become habits. Get into the habit of developing good habits in order to become mentally tough.



Mental toughness also comes from being consistent. This means being consistent in your approach to everything you do, like sticking to your schedule and forgetting about the results. The key is to focus on the here and the now rather than the end goal. Be consistent with your workouts, your approach to healthy eating and the way in which you set goals.

These are some of the ways to cultivate mental toughness. Can you think of any more ways?


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You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option. 😉

This write-up has been put up so well. Thank you for your tips. I am to write my exams next month and its such a tensed period, many a times I can't study because of negativity and tension. This article makes me re-think about my attitude and that I should improve it.

I love this.... It really gives you a fresh outlook on life and gives you what you need to become and be better! We all fall down.... We all make mistakes... We all sometimes don't want to get up again after falling to keep going... So I really liked this read! It was a good pick me up!

This is such a good read , actually I myself have been struggling to think positively lately and I can't even focus on my studies hey and this has changed my attitude towards that, I hope from now on I will apply these and be positive towards anything, again thanx for such a great read.

Even though we must live in the here and now, I often visualize myself doing what I want to achieve. This exercise can be done twice a day, once in the morning so our minds are set to look for any open door that can lead us to our goals and once before going to bed, this way the last we thought will remain in a subconcious level.

Thank you for this. It was very inspiring :) !

Stop worrying before you go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day and you will have better strength to cope after a good nights' sleep.

Good luck Abi! I'm sure you will be fine. I love this article, it is very true

I think I only just gained mental strength this week, I'm by myself in a foreign country, barely speaking the language but after a few evenings of crying myself to sleep I resolved that I would "stick it out" and put up a mental barrier... It's sounds really lame written down but it was such a massive change in my mentality :) x

I love this so much! I needed this!

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