How to Cope when You Just Feel like Giving up ...


How to Cope when You Just Feel like Giving up ...
How to Cope when You Just Feel like Giving up ...

That moment when you just feel like giving up can be just, well, way more than more than bleurgh. A lack of motivation can be a really damaging thing for a person, whether its relating to their personal life, their professional life, or even worse, both. Many of us go through periods where nothing we do or try to do feels right, but the worst thing to do in moments like that is to give in to the negative devil on your shoulder and give up altogether. The best part about human nature is that is never wants to let you give up, so here are some handy tips and pieces of advice to read through to prepare you for those moments when you just feel like giving up.

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Realistic Expectations

It is important that you get in tune with realistic expectations in your life. Being a perfectionist isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when all it is doing is getting you down through failure to meet them, then it can become a really detrimental force in your life. Take a look at people around you, people who have a similar situation to your own, are your expectations wildly higher than theirs? Perhaps try being a little bit kinder to yourself, and readjusting your goals to be more realistic.


Positive Reminders

It can be very easy to lose the bigger picture during everyday life. Sometimes having a particularly bad day that gets you down can force you to forget about the things that are still going well. For example, having a bad day at work has no bearing on the fact that you have a wonderful supporting family and friends network. During your lower moments, it is also valuable to remind yourself of exactly why you were doing this. Think about the great vacations you’re going to go on, think about all the great quality time you’re going to spend with family and friends.


Dark before the Dawn

Just when things are seeming to get the lowest point ever, it is always good to remember that it is darkest before the dawn. The resilience of human beings is a magnificent thing, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can put up with before things start to get better. Quite often, your lowest point can be the catalyst for finally making change your life. If it takes feeling incredibly low to finally start going, then it might just be worth it.


Back to Basics

Sometimes the best solutions to happiness problems are the simplest. Take it back to basics by trying to identify the few things that are making you the most unhappy and try to come up with solutions for eradicating them or changing them dramatically.


Day by Day

Mental burdens can be eased greatly if you make the decision to take things day by day rather than long-term. Instead of getting down because you can’t see light at the end of a long tunnel, take it one day at a time. Trying to see so far into the future can make you feel even worse than you already do, so do your best to take things day by day and make sure to celebrate mini milestones along the way.

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