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Awesome Ways to Improve Your Mood with 10 Small Movements ...

By Deeceebee

You have probably heard that working out is a good way to get out of a funk, but did you know there are ways to improve your mood with small movements that don’t mean pulling on your gym clothes? We all experience them, those days when you are simply just not feeling that great. You might be feeling down for a particular reason or you might just be feeling emotional in general. On days like these, when it is hard to motivate yourself to get physical, try to improve your mood with these small movements:

1 Make a Fake Smile

Of all the small movements you can make to improve your mood the fake smile is the easiest. Sometimes, you have to fake it till you make it and forcing yourself to smile even when you don’t feel like it can often produce a lighter mood.

2 Stick a Pen between Your Teeth

If you can’t muster even a fake smile, trick your brain in to thinking you are smiling by putting a pen between your teeth. The positive signals are still sent.

3 Call upon Treasured Memories

In your lowest moments try to conjure memories of happier times. Reliving them in your head can instantly brighten your mood.

4 Give Yourself a Hug

Did you know that hugging yourself can actually ease physical pain? Crossing your own hands over your body can confuse your brain’s ability to send pain signals.

5 Give Yourself a Break

Another benefit of hugging yourself is that this small act of self-compassion can also work to reduce any psychological pain that you might be feeling.

6 Relax and Breathe Slow

Pay attention to your breathing. Slow it down and regulate the exhales so achieve a sense of calm.

7 Sit up Straight

Make the effort to improve your posture. Sit up straight try to relax your shoulders as much as possible.

8 Stay in Motion

Try to always stay in motion, no matter what you are doing. It is getting stuck still that can lead to procrastination and negative feelings.

9 Walk Away

Don’t underestimate the power that physically walking away from a situation can have. Remember that you have power over your own body, and if something is making you feel bad, then simply get out.

10 Power Pose

Try to assume a power pose as often as possible to boost your confidence levels. You will notice that people look at your differently when you exude a level of assurance.

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