Having an off Day? There's Probably a Good Reason ...


We've all been there- cranky, moody, irritable and despite our best efforts, there seems to be no valid reason as to why! Next time you find yourself having an off day where nothing seems to be going right, including your attitude, consider these reasons listed bellow! Sometimes all it takes is a little insight into both your physical and emotional state to turn an off day (or days!) around.

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You Didn't Get Enough Sleep

One of the most basic reasons why you might be having an off day is lack of sleep. Getting adequate sleep is vital for your body, mind, state of awareness and ability to fight infection- in other words, if you're not getting enough sleep, you're not healthy and that will seep into other areas of your life! Next time you're in a funk, evaluate your sleep habits.


High Levels of Stress

Stress is a negative emotion that creates a lot of physiological problems. It can make you gain weight around your middle, but more importantly it can lead to having many "off days" where your performance at work and your relationships suffer. If stress is the culprit, find an outlet for management like meditation or reducing what you commit to.


Lack of Physical Activity

Exercise, as we know, has numerous health benefits (like weight management and cardiovascular health) but it also has a huge impact on our overall mood! Lack of physical activity can disrupt your sleep, increase anxiety & depression, and it will do you no favors in the area of stress management. Make physical activity a priority and see those "off days" happen few and far between.


You Need Calories

Many people are sensitive to dips in blood sugar that comes from hunger (I know I am)! It's easy to become moody and even angry when your body needs calories! To avoid irritability and moodiness associated with hungry, keep your blood sugar up by eating regular, healthy meals and snacking every two hours. Don't skip breakfast either, that jump-starts your metabolism!


You're Emotionally Drained

Sometimes life's troubles hit out of nowhere or they just build up and wear us down over time. Once we hit that point of being emotionally drained, that can lead to having an off day/days until our spirits are lifted again. Remember to do something you love which energizes you and remedies weariness!


You're in Need of Some "me" Time

No matter what your job is, be it a student, a business woman, or a mama who stays home, every girl needs a little "me" time to refresh and remain centered. Pick something to do alone that you know will clear your head and fill you with a little life! It can be deeply spiritual, physical or even just a shopping trip to treat yourself!


Spiritually Depleted

The body, mind and spirit are all interconnected- When one is out of whack, the others seem to follow suit. Perhaps you're in need of a soul-check. Read something that's deeply meaningful, journal, pray if that's your thing, meditate, and just be still. Sometimes it's the unseen areas of our lives that get neglected the most!

Can you think of the last time you had an "off" day? It probably wasn't that long ago! Next time you face a day that just isn't awesome, evaluate the reasons on this list and be proactive! Feel free to share your insight in the comments section.

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Sometimes listen to your favourite songs(energetic song) helps a lot

I personally have a "mid-life crises" on a monthly basis, right before my period comes. And I never know it happened until it's over with. I'm 15, by the way.😂😂

Good tips. Also , not drinking enough water can make you unbalanced, tired and just off

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