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Everyone has times in their life when they feel sad. Whether it’s due to a breakup, a death in the family or something else, this is entirely normal. However, sometimes, sadness can take over and make you feel less than great for no apparent reason. At least to you. Most of the time, there is some underlying cause of your sadness. Once you know what it is, you can work to treat it. Here are some common causes of sadness that may be tripping you up.

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New Motherhood

You have a brand new and adorable baby, so what could you possibly have to be sad about? Becoming a new mom brings with it a myriad of emotions. Throw in the hormone fluctuations that occur after delivery and you have a sure fire recipe for feeling down. I’ve been there myself. Luckily, treatment can really help and time will balance things out too. See your doctor right away because the baby blues can progress to postpartum depression, which is dangerous.


You’re Staying up Too Late

That night out on the town every other day is fun while it lasts. Catching up on Netflix or finishing that riveting novel might sound like a good idea at the time. Turns out that not getting enough rest can make you sad. Without the rest you need, your hormone levels get messed up and that can leave you feeling down in the dumps. So go to bed and get some sleep!


Undiagnosed Health Issues

Been feeling sad lately? Have your doctor give you a general blood draw and checkup. In some cases, you might have an undiagnosed health problem that is causing your sadness. For example, experts say that renal failure can often cause feelings of sadness. Treating the problem can often help alleviate the sadness.


You Don’t Love Your Job

Most people don’t liken their job to a party, but you should be satisfied and enjoy the job most of the time. When you don’t, you might wind up feeling unsatisfied, which can manifest itself as sadness. If you don’t love your job, it might be time to brush off your resume and look for something that will make you happy.


You’re Really Stressed out

Aren’t we all? Stress is something that everyone deals with pretty regularly. However, if you are really stressed about something in particular and you are spending a lot of time preoccupied with it, you might also be feeling sad. Feeling like you’ve lost control and can’t manage what life is throwing your way can make you upset. Relaxation techniques or a vacation is just what the doctor ordered.


Substance Abuse

The occasional cocktail isn’t going to hurt you, but if you increasingly find yourself turning to happy hour, you might spend the rest of your day feeling sad and depressed. The same goes for recreational drug use (which is illegal and should be avoided for many reasons). A growing reliance on substances is a common cause of sadness, but help is available. Talk to your doctor right away.



Some medications are well known for causing mood issues. You won’t notice it right away, but as the medication builds up in your system, it could manifest. If you’ve recently started a new prescription and are feeling down, mention it to your doctor before it gets worse. You can probably try something else or adjust your dose.

I hope this list has you feeling happy in no time! What other things do you know that might be making someone sad?

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Or sometimes when everything you touch goes wrong .

Sadness is devastating, in my life most sadness were caused by lost, like when my mother died, or I lost a relationship I cherished. I hope this article will help people with sadness.

I just had a baby!! I feel wonderful a ten times stronger women!!!

Isnt that obvious ? Of course its gonna b one of these or somthing like that no body gets sad out of no where

My mum taught us that life is full of ups and downs so learn to accept that as soon as possible. Sometimes you can feel sad because you are over trying to put a brave face on and not allowing yourself to acknowledge the true feelings until alone and then sadness takes over.

Or sometimes when you touch goes wrong.

New motherhood excited me!!!! Not depressed

It's okay being sad once a while..Meaning we are still Alive, life never promised easy and happy all the time.. Be grateful and thankful enjoy the ride of life..😶

I agree with everything.

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