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Adopting habits of thin women can help you get the body you want. What is a thin woman? She's the one who can do no wrong and never gains a pound. She is the one you envy. However, before you go on to judge her, SHE may not even realize she is doing it.

It just comes naturally to her. After doing a little fact-finding on these ladies, there are some common traits of women who are skinny. Maybe their findings might shed a little light on what these women do and how we can mimic them. Here are some of the habits of thin women you can add to your lifestyle.

1. Thin Women do Not Sit Still

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Exercise makes you more aware of your body. You are less likely to eat the chocolate cake that will take hours to burn off. Staying active is one of the top habits of thin women.

2. Thin Women Drink More Water

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She drinks 10-12 glasses a day to stay full, detoxify and flush out chemicals.

3. Thin Women Weigh Themselves

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Weighing is a typical thing. Stepping on a scale is like brushing teeth.

4 Thin women eat more fiber.
This boosts their overall metabolism rate and burns fat.

5. Thin Women Consume Less Sugar

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They'd rather have tea or coffee without sugar, for example.

6. Thin Women Have Small Meals

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Yes, small but frequent meals, about six small meals throughout the day.

7. Thin Women Simply Know What Works for Them and do It

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Some thin women can't live without dessert, so they shave calories elsewhere or pay for the indulgence with extra exercise.

8. Thin Women Don't Use Food for Their Emotions

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They tend to recognize what they are doing and stop.

9. Thin Women Choose Satisfied over Stuffed

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They don't equate the sensation of fullness with satisfaction.

10. Thin Women Talk a Lot over Dinner

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They make the fellow diners the star of the show and let the gabfest slow down their eating.


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