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If You Sat Next to Her ... by Erin Henson ...

By Jocelyn

If you sat next to her by Erin Henson

If you look in the corners,
You'd find her right there,
Hidden by darkness,
And the curls in her hair,
Her nose in a book,
With her head in the clouds,
Hiding her feelings,
Away from the crowds,
If you sat by her side,
While the world passes you by,
She'd tell you the story,
Behind the pain her eyes,
If you gave her five minutes,
You'd see how her smile,
Makes even the bad things
In life seem worthwhile,
But you don't look in corners,
You don't even glance,
So she sits there still waiting,
To be given a chance.


Ever been in a crowd and you feel all alone, you see people around but it seems like you're just a number? You don't know if it's okay to make conversation or better to not, you don't know if it's okay or you are a disturbance. We set boundaries, borders, walls, and towers within ourselves, because we are not sure if our presence is accepted or just being tolerated, you can't tell the difference. But one thing I know, I try to be nice to someone in front of me because its necessary and it's the right thing to do. And the thing is you don't even know that some of the people in the crowd are just like you. We tend to hesitate to approach people even if they are familiar because we don't know if we are just bothering them. Humans made it to the moon and back but its hard to cross the street to your neighbors and say "Hi", the same people who have lived there for a long time, just like you.

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