Fairytale Heroines Pose with Live Animals in a Hauntingly Beautiful Photo Series ...


Darya Kondratyeva, a Russian photographer, decided to give classic fairytales a modern twist using real wild animals to prove that these fairytale heroines could be totally bad-ass. Mission accomplished, Darya! The photographer opened up to Cosmopolitan about the shoot and animals: "They were all very sweet and listened very carefully to directions. Honestly, they were easier to work with than some of the models." LOL! She also said that these women are just regular women - none had been trained in working with wild animals but they were all up to the task. It resulted in a beautiful photo series. Check it out:

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Merida Kisses from a big bear!


Fox Hole

Fox Hole That fox looks so cuddly!


Red Sonja

Red Sonja This has got to be one of the sweetest photos ever.


Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding hood is getting friendly with some owls!



Nomad This nomad rides wherever the camel takes her.

To see the rest of the photo series, check out Darya's site: vk.com. Of the list, which photo was your favorite?

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this photo series is gorgeous and brilliant I'm in love with this

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