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7 Easy Ways to Fake an Outgoing Personality ...

By Alicia

Did you know that you can fake an outgoing personality? I know this because I have done it on several different occasions when I needed to do so. You see, I am a natural born introvert; I like my quiet time and being at home. But when I need to, I can fake an outgoing personality and you can do it, too.

1 Smile

One of the first steps you want to take if you want to fake an outgoing personality is to smile at others. Your smile makes you look friendly and approachable. It makes you look confident and ready to make friends. Don’t be afraid to give someone your truest smile. You will be well on your way toward faking an outgoing personality with this step.

2 Say Hello

This is so simple but can be really difficult for people that are shy. Saying hello can really help you when you want to fake an outgoing personality. It may not come naturally to you to speak to someone else first, but you can do it. You just have to force yourself to make that step. You usually learn it isn’t nearly as hard as you thought that it was going to be.

3 Put Some Excitement in Your Tone

Sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. This is one of those times. If you want to appear outgoing, you have to sound outgoing. Outgoing people usually are more excited at social functions than those that are not. So, put some excitement into your tone.

4 Laugh along with Others

You may not think the jokes are funny. You may not care about the joke and in fact, may be at that very moment fantasizing about how much you would love to be home reading a good book instead. You need to laugh along with others if you want to appear outgoing. Just try to loosen up and have fun. It may come a little easier than you think.

5 Put Yourself out There

You can go a step further and put yourself out there and tell some jokes yourself. Or you could tell some stories; it doesn’t have to be jokes. The point is that you interact with others and make yourself a part of the group setting. This is hard to do for someone that is not naturally outgoing but it can be done. This step really helps you to be seen as outgoing.

6 Imagine Being Well Received

A lot of times people that are quiet and reserved feel uncomfortable at social gatherings. They think that they look or sound awkward. But the truth is that usually isn’t the case. And telling yourself that helps you to move past your shyness. Imagine that others will love your jokes and participation and they most likely will.

7 Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Before you go into a situation where you have to fake being outgoing, give yourself a pep talk. Remind yourself that you can do it. Tell yourself all of the reasons why people would love you. Positivity breeds positivity. You'll be surprised just how much this helps.

These 7 steps can help you to fake an outgoing personality when you need to do so. Have you ever faked an outgoing personality? Did that work for you?

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